Kaspersky Internet Security stops Cyber Threats in their tracks during Independent Test

Kaspersky-Lab-logoNew Delhi, India, May 2, 2014: In April, the respected AV-Comparatives independent testing laboratory published the results of the File Detection Test of Malicious Software conducted in March 2014. Kaspersky Lab’s protection solution for home users, Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, led the way for the number of blocked cyber threats.

Unlike other AV-Comparatives tests, the experts evaluated one of the basic functions of a protection solution – its ability to detect and block dangerous software at the very first stage, when downloading or copying it onto a device or during on-demand scanning. Additional levels of protection such as remediation, the behavioral analysis of running files, etc. are not taken into consideration.

As well as the Kaspersky Lab product, 22 other antivirus solutions from leading vendors participated in the tests. The products were allowed to access cloud-based services and scan all archives, files and folders on the computer. The database included 125,977 specially selected samples of malware, all of which were widespread in the last few months.

The test showed that Kaspersky Internet Security blocked 99.8% of attacks, a result no other product could match. This earned Kaspersky Lab’s solution the highest Advanced+ award from AV-Comparatives.

Director of Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab Oleg Ishanov said, “In practice, a security solution will normally use a range of measures to ensure the device and its user’s data are safe from cyber threats. If malware does make it into the system, it can be stopped later, when it tries to launch its malicious activity. However, the earlier it is blocked, the better for the system and the user. This test conducted by AV-Comparatives demonstrates how effectively our solution detects malicious files before they have a chance to run, thus ensuring the highest possible levels of protection for our customers.”

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