JK Technosoft enables Impel Pro SCM Solutions with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV across 7+ locations through the web

The imposed lockdown is said to have impacted IT industry tremendously, especially, since most companies had to execute work-from-home (WFH), to keep their businesses afloat. A recent study by SCIKEY Mind Match which was published by PTI on April 10, 2020, stated that 99.8% workforce in IT sector is incapable of working remotely or work-from-home. Bringing in a revolutionary change and setting a unique example for more to follow, global software solutions provider JK Technosoft, headquartered in India, made it possible to go-live with implementation of supply chain solution for ImpelPro SCM Solutions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, while working remotely from the confinements of their home spaces.                                               

The specialty of the project lies in its implementation where none of the parties met in person owing to the Government’s orders on social distancing. Despite the challenges, the company managed to get the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution using the remote available collaboration technologies and its remote project governance framework. NAV is a dynamic software solution in terms of vendor price management, customer price, inventory valuation, inventory planning with strong audit trail functionality and works seamlessly on modules such as Finance, Fixed Asset, Sales, Purchase and Inventory. 

Commenting on the successful implementation, Mr. Aloke Paskar, President & CEO, JK Technosoft said, “WFH is a new normal in India and companies are skeptical as to whether their partners can execute critical programs. ImpelPro SCM Solutions and JKT together took this challenge, used the available collaboration technologies to manage teams and schedules for a successful implementation. ImpelPro and JKT have shown that good communication, governance and use of collaboration tools can overcome challenges of WFH in India, and get things done on time successfully. While the country and the whole world is struggling in these extraordinary times, it gives me immense pleasure to congratulate ImpelPro SCM Solutions and JK Technosoft teams for their focus, dedication and team spirit in making this a success.” 

Director and Project Sponsor, Sanjay Ghone Of ImpelPro SCM Solutions said, “After evaluating various options, we decided to go for MS Dynamics NAV 2016 with JK Technosoft as our implementation partner. After COVID-19, meeting in person was ruled out. Important milestones like design, developments, master uploading, UAT, gap analysis and their resolutions, user training were all handled remotely. Both our team members were well co-ordinated and with a single objective of meeting the go-live target date of 30th March 2020. While WFH was the new normal, JK Technosoft has been of phenomenal value by ensuring the remote project management, governance and collaboration enable our joint teams to succeed.” 

The new system will enable ImpelPro SCM Solutions to improve its service levels to clients, better data analysis and reporting, accurate demand planning, better integration with clients’ systems, thus avoiding duplication of work and managing growth.

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