Jabra elevates Dr Amitesh Punhani as Head of APAC, Consumer Marketing

Jabra announced the elevation of Dr. Amitesh Punhani as its Head of APAC, Consumer Marketing. In his new role, effective May 03, 2021, Amitesh will be responsible for strengthening company’s vision and brand leadership in the Retail & Online Channel and driving market share growth across key geographies of Asia Pacific region i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, ASEAN, Hong Kong / Taiwan and India. Prior to the elevation, Amitesh was the Country Marketing Manager for India & SAARC region.

Jabra Amitesh Punhani as Head of APAC, Consumer Marketing

Commenting on his new role, Dr. Amitesh Punhani said, “Jabra has seen significant growth in the India market over the years, and I am proud to have been a part of this journey. I’m now looking forward to accelerating unwavering growth and success of the brand across the Asia Pacific region while continuing to deliver superior sound experience for consumers.”

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