Is blackberry reviving itself and adding more customers in its account?

Following are some interesting facts which will help in answering the above mentioned question…..

BlackBerry-Sunil-Lalvani-BlackBerry-Z3-SmartphoneWhile talking to media people in a launch event of Blackberry Z3 Smartphone, MD of Blackberry in India Sunil Lalvani said that we have some interesting facts which will prove that Blackberry is doing equally well.

Following information were finally revealed by him:

  • Blackberry has tied up with Faxconn for 5 years.
  • Over 500k BBM channels started since it was launched.
  • Over 85 million BBM users globally.
  • Over 665 carriers and distribution partners offering Blackberry products and  services in more than 175 countries.
  • 16 out of G20 and G8 governments are using Blackberry for security.
  • 5 largest global oil &gas business using Blackberry too. 

Description of Blackberry’s 4 pillars of growth, by Mr. Lanvani:

1. Device: Best in class productivity platform
2. Enterprise Services: Best in class enterprise Mobility management & security
3. BBM & BBM Channels: Best in class cross-platform messaging
4. QNX: Best in class system (M2M)

According to Mr. Lalvani, customers expectations from BlackBerry:

  • Long Battery life.
  • Faster browser.
  • Share social feeds instantly.
  • Access to variety of apps.
  • Type as people speak( means Hinglish, Hindi, English)
  • A true multi tasking.

So as per these above mentioned facts and what was shown in the event, one can easily conclude that if Blackberry was not up to the level then Foxconn would have never tied up with it. And also its performance is the only reason to be chosen for security by G20 and G8 governments .

Hence these two key points plays a major role in changing people’s mindset about Blackberry’s performance. So we have to believe and accept that Blackberry is still in the race and of-course reviving.

Blackberry Z3 is the first smartphone manufactured by Foxconn. Blackberry Z3 smartphones comes with 15 hrs of battery life, I guess none of the smartphone providers are giving such amazing battery backups. It also have something new and useful for our Indian users, and that’s nothing else but Blackberry Maps.

Apart from these qualities Blackberry Z3 smartphone also supports few android apps as well. These apps can be download directly from internet.

For apps, it tied up with Amazon app store which provides 240000 apps. Amazon apps store will available after the release of Blackberry OS(operating system).


So, guys now its easy enough to realize that Blackberry is still in the race of adding more customers by not just understanding their needs and expectations from them but also fulfilling them at the same time.

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