“This Pandemic has affected big and small companies in every possible way” – By, Mr. Aditya Bhuwania, VP, VXL Software

  1. VXL-Software-VP-Aditya-BhuwaniaWhat was the motivation behind the idea of developing such software?

Our motivation was multifold. We wanted to create a more secured embedded OS (Linux) to solve our customers ‘security’ and ‘vulnerability’ queries. We always brainstormed internally on how can we help our customers in ‘managing’ their end point devices better and keeping that in mind we built a user friendly ‘management software’ to reduce the technical manpower dependence of our customers. Also we got multiple queries from customers to build a software which could help increase their sales and hence we developed one (Digital Signage) for customers to utilize in-store branding to improve their sales, which is one of the use case scenarios of our product.

  1. How Cloud computing benefits individuals and MNC companies?

Cloud computing offers businesses more than just a way to safely store data, increase efficiency and reduce costs. It has substantial environmental benefits that are too many to ignore in an era where global warming and climate change are pressing issues. Cloud computing can save billions of dollars in energy costs and lessen carbon emissions by millions of metric tons. It not only helps businesses but also, helps in securing one’s personal information and support individual’s privacy. Remote working is an example of a business transformation that works on multiple levels. Cloud Computing serves the needs of individual employees, it provides businesses with new resilient and adaptive ways to engage with their ecosystem and deliver economic value, and it serves the larger community by addressing public health needs. With these mutually supportive returns, the rapid pivot to remote working demonstrates stakeholder capitalism in practice. The ongoing pandemic demonstrates how cloud computing has become essential in the modern world. Many of the conveniences and services available online are made possible by the cloud.

  1. What are the different software solutions that VXL is providing?

VXL Software is a truly global company and a world leader in software development for Unified Endpoint Management, PC repurposing Digital Signage and homeworking softwares. With a pedigree stretching back over 25 years, VXL Software is a trusted supplier to organizations around the globe. VXL is a leader in software development and it is created to be both powerful and affordable, VXL Software consistently sets new standards for both performance and value. VXL’s heritage as a world leader in thin-client OS (embedded OS),End Point Management and Digital Signage software gives them a unique insight into the needs of software users and has underpinned the creation of their outstanding range of software. This includes their latest Windows and Linux homeworking solutions, Fusion SecureDesktop and CloudDesktop On the Go, our Fusion UEM, a unified endpoint management software, which makes the management easier for mobile and hand held devices; CloudDesktop, which quickly and easily repurposes PCs as thin clients – and Illumineye DS (Digital Signage), a powerful and easy-to-use digital signage software and media player solution.

  1. What is your vision for the coming future?

We aim to create a better brand recall through sustained marketing activities along with creating closer and deeper engagements with partners in order to have hands on approach to build a win-win situation at both ends. We are trying to focus more on the retaining customer and are still on any further market expansion until the whole thing has settled down.

  1. How do you foresee the demand for the products post Covid19? 

Amidst the Covid-19 crisis we have introduced a software which can be used  (need a better word) by customers all over the globe even in this current Covid-19 crisis and lockdown. It’s Home working solutions – Cloud Desktop on the Go and Fusion Secure Desktop for all the people/employees working from home to work in more effective way. I believe everyone needs an eco-friendly and high performing technology for the effective work and we feel that Work from Home is the new trend, which is likely to continue for a while now. We always plan to expand ourselves as an Indian MNC.

  1. Has Covid19 affected your business and what measures have you taken to upscale it? 

This Pandemic has affected big and small companies in every possible way. Considering there will be shift in the working styles of companies and individuals we will need to gauge the customers demand and would aim to create solutions based on the demand. We are targeting to consolidate our current products and post that gamut our product category and offering. Considering this we will be up to speed with the demand as well as can offer based on customers choice. We will also need to consolidate and understand where, i.e. the ‘new norm’ we exit in to. The world as we know it is going to be completely different to operate in, and everyone will have to make changes in order to first survive in this ‘new norm’, and then think about growth.  We do have plans to scale up, but would first need to understand the new needs / requirements of our existing clients

  1. Which is the most sold product at VXL software and why? 

There are two products, which are the most sold products – our embedded Linux OS and Fusion Pro (management software).

Let me talk about our embedded OS first as its one of the most secured, user-friendly and has enhanced features which makes it like a go to for most of the customers. We run vulnerability tests to ensure that our OS remains updated as per the current scenario so that customers do not face issues and can work efficiently and effortlessly. Talking about our second most sold product is the Management software (Fusion Pro) that has been developed using the latest technology along with being user friendly (lots of easily decipherable dashboards and charts) and is feature rich. We truly believe that this is a consumers market and we achieve our objective only when the consumer is satisfied.

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