“Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and ecommerce are going to be the flavour of 2015”- Mr. Karanjit Singh, CEO, Kellton Tech Solutions

Kellton-Tech-Solutions-CEO-Karanjit-SinghMr. Karanjit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, India, Kellton Tech Solutions shares his views with Technuter.com:

What are your expectations from the year 2015? 

The thrust in 2015 is going to be internet of things and cloud computing; big data and analytics will also play a major role in providing the backbone support to businesses going online. E-commerce is only going to keep growing at an aggressive pace beyond one that it has set already in 2014. Mobility is going to be a new buzz word in 2015 especially with the ambitious smart city plans announced by the new government.
Government services will also be available on apps and Karnataka has already launched its services on apps. The trend going forward will see more state governments going down this path. 

How was the previous year in terms of business & growth opportunity?    

The 2014 as a year for Kellton Tech was great in terms of business & growth opportunity. The synergistic value of our acquisitions can be inferred from the huge jump in our financial performance, the revenue increased by 175% and profit improved by 71% in the last financial year. It testifies our success in completely integrating the acquired companies to form a coherent & cohesive organization. 

In general 2014 has been the year of revival especially for India with the new government coming in place which is stable and ambitious. Hiring by all IT companies is on the rise and even the US economy is looking up and once the revival sets in there, it’s going to be business as usual for most IT companies. 2015 is going to be a year of acceleration and lots of companies are going to get back to being aggressive with their marketing and hiring. 

Which is the technology do you think going to dominate the market this year? 

Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and e-commerce are going to be the flavour of 2015. Most technologies will revolve around these areas. 

Any particular trend you think will be followed by an IT companies?  

The IT companies would be vying to fit themselves with the new generation technologies like IoT and Big data instead of focusing on low end maintenance services.

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