Infosys donates $2 million to the Institute for Advanced Study

Infosys-LogoBangalore, India, October 27, 2014: Infosys and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) today announced a new endowment fund that will be used to support visiting scientists and scholars advance their research at the world-renowned institute in Princeton, New Jersey. The Infosys Fund has been created following a donation of US$2 million by Infosys to the IAS and will be used to support two scholars across the Institute’s four Schools each year. The Infosys Members will receive support related to all aspects of the academic appointment and community life that are unique and fundamental aspects of the Institute for Advanced Study experience.

Visiting scientists and scholars at the Institute, known as “Members,” are at the heart of the Institute’s mission to encourage and support curiosity-driven research in the sciences and humanities. They are selected from the world’s leading universities and research institutions and spend time at IAS addressing some of the most intriguing questions across the sciences and humanities, unencumbered by teaching and administrative obligations.

Infosys has a longstanding connection with the Institute through the Infosys Prize, which has recognized several of its former visiting scientists in the subject of Mathematical Sciences.

Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Infosys, said, “At Infosys we believe that people, when amplified by technology, knowledge, imagination and an enriching ecosystem, can achieve incredible things. This is the beginning of a human revolution, and institutions like IAS have long served to accelerate it. By mentoring visiting scholars, in both academic and practical terms, the IAS has created yet another avenue to produce advances in knowledge that can change the way we work and live – with wide-ranging impact on global development.”

Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director, Institute for Advanced Study, said, “This generous donation from Infosys is a remarkable recognition of the Institute for Advanced Study’s legacy, and is a powerful endorsement of our future promise. The freedom and independence to pursue the most interesting and relevant questions about nature and humanity have been the essence of the Institute for more than eighty years. In particular, the field of computing—where Infosys is making such important contributions today—had its start at the Institute under the direction of legendary mathematician John von Neumann. The Institute exists to provide an optimal environment where scholars from all over the world can think and share, imagine and risk, and begin again without conditions and limitations. The extraordinary gift from Infosys will help us continue to meet this critical need. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and close association with Infosys.”

Infosys has pledged US $42 million in the current financial year towards corporate social responsibility through the Infosys Foundation, its philanthropic arm. The Foundation is engaged in several programs aimed at alleviating hunger, promoting education, improving health, assisting rural development, supporting arts and helping the destitute. In the US, Infosys recently signed up as an implementation partner for the Global STEM Alliance, a global program recently established by the New York Academy of Sciences that aims to empower the next generation of scientific innovators.

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