Infor announces Next Generation of Ad-Hoc Query and Reporting Tools

infor-logoBangalore, India, August 27, 2014: Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced the availability of Infor Evolve and Infor BI Dashboards, two new modules that are part of Infor SunSystems Query & Analysis. With Infor Query & Analysis Evolve, technical and non-technical users can easily access the information they need and generate reports with the intuitive and efficient interface, benefitting from real-time information that assists in making the right decisions at the right time. In addition, Infor BI Dashboards offer more detailed information on transactions and business performance, and improve a company’s ability to make effective plans and communicate.

Infor Query & Analysis Evolve is a web service enabled and cloud ready solution that offers exceptional data visualization functionality that can turn information into insight and allow organizations to turn insight into action. With a focus on reporting and analysis, this application provides users with a single working area within the Microsoft Excel environment, allowing users the flexibility to drill down, breakout, and expand views at both a detailed transactional level and/or summary level. Employees from all lines of business, including finance, sales, human resources, and any other department, can harness this powerful, ad-hoc querying and analysis tool to increase efficiency and streamline operations. Users also get a top-down view of the entire business through dynamic reporting capabilities, and can easily analyze trends, problems, and opportunities that are often concealed within corporate transactional data.

Infor Motion Query & Analysis BI Dashboards drill down to transactional details and monitor business performance anytime, from anywhere, with an intuitive and easy-to-use touch-screen-enabled Apple iPad app, or a web browser. Users have 24/7 access to critical information and operations with self-service reporting and dashboards and can redefine the way they interact with enterprise information and increase the speed of overall business. Infor BI Dashboard software extends the power of Infor Query & Analysis to popular mobile technologies through the iPad platform and a standard browser. The creation of dashboards is based on the simple and intuitive way in which a query is constructed in business terminology by the user.

“Organizations need real business intelligence and reporting proficiency in order to know which direction to take when acquiring new companies, launching new products and finding new ways to beat out the competition,” said Suzanne Wilt, industry and solution strategy director, Infor. “Infor developed these two new tools to provide our customers with a system that would provide immediate access to relevant information to help them make informed recommendations and strategic decisions.”

The Infor SunSystems Query & Analysis family of ad-hoc query and reporting tools provides intuitive analytics, business intelligence, reporting, and alerting capabilities for non-technical business users that can be used with any data source. Working in familiar environment, your employees will be empowered to find the information they need to make better decisions, faster.

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