Infibeam Favours Net Neutrality

Ahmedabad, India, April 17, 2015: One of the largest e-commerce growing companies of the country, Infibeam has taken stand and is against all the biased Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of the country. Access to equal internet speed for any website or mobile app is a right of every consumer who is paying money for data to the ISPs. Hence, the ISPs can not be biased and have to provide traffic equally. Infibeam favours net neutrality.

In India with over 15 ISPs, there are about 10 crore internet users. Despite huge number of internet subscribers and mobile users, the ISPs, which are also telecom operators are bleeding heavily. As per industry estimates, of the total revenue of the telecom companies, over 75% is contributed by voice and rest is by value added services including data.

Due to high investments and competition, the margins in voice are heavily squeezed. As an impact, the telecom operators are finding one or the other way to increase revenue and profit.

Recently, a few telecom operator announced of giving free internet access to consumers for certain e-commerce, news websites, social media sites and mobile apps. For this, the cost along with profit will be bared by the respective websites.

But does this mean that if telecom operators are bleeding, they should become biased to make profits?Infibeam is against of such discrimination. Company is hopeful that the telecom regulator, TRAI will take right action against all ISPs for not giving neutral internet access to the consumers.

Some global companies believe that free access to internet is the right of consumers. In that case, Infibeam believes that the telecom operators can not be biased and should give free internet access to every user in India.

Infibeam is and will always be in favour of net neutrality.

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