Huawei Unveils Smart Wearable Devices at Mobile World Congress 2015

Huawei-logoBarcelona, Spain, March 2, 2015: Huawei today unveiled a series of wearable devices including the Huawei Watch, TalkBand B2, and TalkBand N1 for consumers to stay connected, on the eve of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. At the global press conference, Huawei Consumer BG also unveiled the next-generation phablet, MediaPad X2, and also announced the brands vision, “Dreams Inspire Creativity.”

Mr. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG, said: “For consumers, having access and storage of personal data and records will make wearable devices one of the most important industry developments in the advent of Big Data and Cloud technologies. Today’s wearable device announcement showcases Huawei’s commitment to inspiring creativity and creating products that will enhance the consumer’s ecosystem. Our wearable devices are to be connected and synchronized to offer the best all-around smart solution and personal monitoring based on individual need. No doubt, wearable devices will remain one of the most significant trends in the device industry, and by leveraging Huawei’s technology and innovation, Huawei Consumer BG aims to be a leader in the wearable space.”

Huawei TalkBand B2 – The Perfect Combination of Bluetooth Headset and Health Tracker

The second generation of Huawei’s TalkBand products, Huawei TalkBand B2 showcases a more business-like professional design, has smarter fitness tracking functionality with higher accuracy, and enhanced synchronization with the users mobile device. Inheriting a more superior Bluetooth connectivity than its predecessor, Huawei TalkBand B2 is not only a convenient health management device, but also the perfect combination of Bluetooth headset and sports bracelet, ideal for the on-the-run business executives who are athletically active.

Equipped with an advanced 6-axis sensor, TalkBand B2’s smart detection can automatically identify and record motions accurately, detect the duration of deep sleep and light sleep, and provide consumers with health tips on ways to improve their sleep pattern.

The perfect companion to consumers’ mobile devices, TalkBand B2 is equipped with dual-microphone, noise reduction technology and quality Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, it is also equipped with smart detection to understand whether the Bluetooth earpiece is on the wristband or not, allowing it to automatically push audio (music/call) to the smartphone or B2 bracelet. TalkBand B2 is also equipped with a pager to search and locate your smartphone, regardless of the phone model, through vibration or ring tone alerts.

Designed with fashion in mind by the Huawei Aesthetics Center team in Paris, the minimalistic design of Huawei TalkBand B2 embraces simplicity. The metal bracket of TalkBand B2 is made of high strength, light weight aviation aluminum. With an intuitive and user-friendly HD touch screen, TalkBand B2 comes in two watchband styles, the environmentally professional TPU material or the luxurious leather, which caters to different occasions. Each style comes in many different color varieties.

TalkBand B2 has superb battery performance allowing it to operate up to five days, support continuous call time up to six hours, and 12 days’ standby time. TalkBand B2 supports devices with Android 4.0 operating system and iPhones with IOS7.0 or above and it will come in three colors, black, silver and gold. The recommended retail price of premium version (with leather strap) is 199 euros and that of standard version (with TPU strap) is 169 euros.

Huawei TalkBand N1 – High Quality Bluetooth Headset for Sports and Music Lovers

Huawei TalkBand N1 is the industry’s first Hi-Fi stereo + Bluetooth headset featuring 4G of local MP3 storage for 1,000 songs, Bluetooth calling, and sports tracking.

Made with high quality loudspeaker components, TalkBand N1 gives users the ultimate experience in professional sound quality on par with higher end headsets thanks to chamber tuning. With a 20-20KHz frequency range, TalkBand N1 provides the finest sound quality with higher expressiveness. Housing APTX Bluetooth transmission technology, users will enjoy CD quality sound through the Bluetooth headset.

Paired with a smartphone, TalkBand N1 is also a health and sports tracker with functionalities include step counting, distance calculation, calorie consumption tracking, and more. It also carries a function that broadcasts the names or phone numbers of incoming calls so users won’t miss a call on the road.

With an X type design made with a TPU soft rubber material surface, the TalkBand N1 weighs a consumer friendly 18 grams, and has an IP54 dustproof and waterproof level, making the headset sweat proof for those active users. Additionally, the magnetic earbud design turns the TalkBand N1 from a convenient headset to a fashionable necklace accessory. The TalkBand N1 comes in three stylish colors: Silver, Grey and Red. The recommended retail price of 119 euros.

Huawei Watch: World’s First Smartwatch with a Timeless Design that is Smart Within

As the first smartwatch in the Huawei Consumer BG wearables family, Huawei Watch features a 1.4 inch AMOLED, scratch-proof and water-proof, fully circular design at 42mm diameter, making it timeless and smart within.

Designed by a team of traditional watch designers with a history in creating the most fashionable and timeless watches, the attention-to-detail becomes apparent upon first glance as the body boasts exquisite craftsmanship featuring use of sapphire crystal elements, and a metal body which features a 316L corrosive-resistant, cold-forged stainless steel, commonly only seen in luxury watches.

Powered by Android Wear, Huawei Watch is packed with a range of health tracking functions and has a built-in advanced heart rate monitor sensor, 6-Axis sensor, barometer sensor, touch motor, and built-in microphone. Paired with a smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher, Huawei Watch enables users to easily receive SMS, email, calendar, app, and phone call notifications. The 6-Axis sensor also enables the watch to automatically identify a user’s state of motion and measures sports data provided by their activity – walking/running/climbing/cycling.

Boasting a sparkling display at 400 x 400 pixels resolution in 286 ppi at a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio, the Huawei Watch is the most vibrant Android smartwatch in the world. The touch-sensitive sapphire crystal lens cover can even work with gloved or wet hands, offering the most convenient experience at all times.

Designed with personalization in mind, Huawei Watch offers 40 customizable watch faces ranging from a classic analog to digital, or even a tracking design that displays health data including calories ingested, steps taken and more. Huawei Watch comes in three stylish colors: gold, silver and black with a full range of materials, watch straps and other styles also available.

Huawei MediaPad X2: World’s First Ultra-octa 64 bit LTE Cat6 4G Phablet

Being the world’s slimmest 7-inch phablet, Huawei MediaPad X2 comes in at only 7.28 mm thick. The all-metallic body offers a more classy and business-like look. Its compact borderless design of the screen offers a screen-to-body ratio of 80%, which makes it easy for single-handed operation. Huawei MediaPad X2 is the perfect all in one integrated companion combining phone, tablet, navigator, portable battery, mobile hotspot and digital camera, creating a better connected experience for consumers all over the world.

Featuring a fully laminated 7-inch ultra 1200 x 1920 HD IPS screen providing a resolution up to 323ppi, Huawei MediaPad X2 offers clarity for enhanced viewing experience. A wide angle up to 178 degrees also ensures optimal visual display even when being tilted. The LTPS HD touch display with CABC technology provides incredibly crisp and dynamic visual experience. Sporting a 2.0GHz Kirin 930 ultra-octa chipset, MediaPad X2 supports LTE Cat6 connectivity with the download speed up to 300Mbps. Running on a powerful 5,000 mAh battery, the largest allowed in the industry, Huawei MediaPad X2 manages to provide even the power user with one-day battery life.

Equipped with a 13MP rear camera, Huawei MediaPad X2 has exceptionally good low-light shooting capabilities, post-shooting focus adjustment metering mode, off-screen quick snapping functionality, focus and exposure metering function; the ability to create the highest quality photos comparable to a DSLR camera are now possible. The 5MP front-facing camera has an aperture of F2.4 and a wide angle of 22mm, which is perfect for panorama selfies.

Huawei MediaPad X2 comes in two versions, namely the standard version of 2G RAM+ 16GROM in a moonlight silver body and the premium version with 3G RAM+ 32GROM in an amber gold body, both are dual-sim and offer 4G network support.  

“Dreams Inspire Creativity”: A world with Endless Possibilities

At MWC 2013, Huawei introduced the brand concept, Make it Possible. Through its worldwide brand marketing campaigns that include dozens of campaigns such as football sponsorship in the last two years, Huawei has become a popular smartphone brand among global consumers through the rapid establishment of an emotional connection between the brand and its users. In October 2014, Huawei has become the first Chinese company to successfully enter Interbrand’s Top 100 Global Brands of 2014 list.

“We dive deeper on the ‘it’ in the ‘Make it Possible’, which is the core element connecting Huawei’s brand and consumers’ emotions.” said Mr. Shao Yang, Vice President of Marketing, Huawei Consumer BG. “We believe that ‘it’ refers to the power of dream and innovation and building intensive emotional connection with consumers. Thus, at MWC 2015, Huawei unveiled the new brand ideal, ‘Dreams Inspire Creativity’, communicating internal spiritual motivations, the big ideaL of Huawei is a common spiritual value and connection between Huawei and its consumers. Huawei believes that if everyone believes in the power of dreams and creativity, the world will be a better place.” 

Huawei realizes the evolution from Brand 1.0 to Brand 2.0 with the brand vision evolving from “Make it Possible” to “Dream Inspires Creativity”. The brand big ideaL Huawei hopes to convey to consumers is inspiring innovation with dreams, which is the common spiritual value identification of Huawei and consumers.

The world is complicated and crises emerge one after another, with pessimism and doubt creeping in and people are losing the courage to dream big and act bold. The process of pursuing dreams is full of challenges and questions. Only when we have ambition and faith, can our dreams be achieved. Consumers are calling for inspiration to believe in the power of their dreams. As a competitive brand, Huawei’s fearless, challenger spirit has driven us forward for 27 years. This spirit is behind our achievements today and will continue to inspire us to make the impossible possible for our consumers into the future. This also echoes with Huawei’s target audience – the idealistic strivers’ beliefs. With our brand ideal “Dream Inspires Creativity” leading the way, Huawei Consumer BG will continue to bring consumers a brand experience that is beyond their expectation through innovative products and services.

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