Huami announces strategic collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies

Huami announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with McLaren Applied Technologies, a global leader in high-performance design and technology solutions, to jointly develop co-branded intelligent, data-driven, customized performance optimization solutions and wearable technologies in the future. These co-developed, co-branded products will work seamlessly with mobile applications to provide users with a comprehensive view of their biometric and activity data, particularly in relation to health and wellness-based activities and competitive e-sports, a market segment of growing popularity over recent years. The collaboration will explore the application of metrics-driven wearables that contribute to the optimisation of human performance in the field of racing, such as body sensors and AI technology.

The first stage of the collaboration will see Huami Partner with McLaren Shadow Project esports competition. Huami technology will be used to help select the winner of the competition, held at the McLaren Technology Centre between January 16 – 17, 2019. The winner will be chosen from seven finalists after four days of virtual and real-world racing as well as rigorous human performance testing by McLaren Applied Technologies. Throughout the finals week, assessment sessions will include stimulus detection, central processing, physical capabilities and driving skill that will utilize biometric data collected from Huami’s high-quality wearable products to evaluate human performance characteristics exhibited during the event.

“We are excited to be working with world-leading performance design and technology solutions provider McLaren Applied Technologies and official partner to McLaren Shadow Project. We believe that this strategic partnership validates the growth potential of our high-quality wearable technology products and will help broaden our global reach,” said Tommy Tang, Vice President, Huami Corporation.

“As part of our strategic collaboration, we will integrate our mutually compatible technologies to develop an innovative wearable design and create a comprehensive user experience. As a partner to McLaren Shadow Project this programme will enable Huami’s devices to be used as an invaluable data source to detail compelling insights about human physical performance that works across different sectors, including wellness and e-sports.” he added.

“As part of our partnership we are honored to help determine the champion of the McLaren Shadow Project, based on analysis of the biometric data collected from our premium wearable products,” Mr. Tang continued. “Importantly, we look forward to jointly developing smart technology wearable products that work with mobile applications to provide users with a comprehensive view of their biometric and activity data. Jointly, we can set a new standard in delivering quantifiable and actionable human performance insights.”

Mike Collier, Head of Human Performance at McLaren Applied Technologies commented,”This is a hugely exciting announcement for McLaren Applied Technologies. Huami is a global leader in the wearables technology space and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to co-develop products as part of this long-term technical partnership. The involvement of McLaren Applied Technologies in the McLaren Shadow Project is a key differentiator between our competition and others in the racing e-sports space. This offering has only been strengthened by this partnership with Huami and we’re pleased to have such a trusted partner on-board to help crown our winner.” News Service

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