Honor smartphones receive the latest Huawei EMUI 9.0 update

Honor has rolled out EMUI 9.0 Operating System based on Android 9.0 Pie for latest Honor devices. The new update brings all the latest smartphone technology upgrades including full-screen gestures and a new UI for Honor 10, Honor Play and Honor View 10.

The EMUI 9.0 provides top-notch innovations for a smarter, smoother and simpler operating system. These innovations significantly improve the user experience in security, AI-driven smart life features, device management and usability.

With 350 million active global users, EMUI is a global UI which has a presence in all over the world. The new EMUI 9.0 brings a whole new gamut of new features with an all new ergonomic design that makes user’s everyday smartphone assessing easy. EMUI 9.0 is world’s first UI that can process and support AI functionalities like scene detection, NPU based processing.

The new EMUI 9.0 update supports a brand new mode of navigation – gestures. Users can now intuitively control their device with simple swipes instead of clicking on buttons, thus combining the goodies from Google’s Android Pie and Huawei EMUI. Moreover, the Huawei EMUI 9.0 will introduce features like GPU Turbo 2.0, Translation, AI Shopping, HiVision visual search, Password Vault, Wireless Sharing (Projecting), Digital Balance dashboard, and more to Honor smartphones. EMUI 9.0 brings GPU Turbo 2.0, which is designed to optimize intensive workloads and give an on-demand performance boost to the devices while reducing power consumption.

Honor smartphones with EMUI 9.0 update will react to smoother operations backed by fast App startup and thusincreasing the system operations by 12.9%. The new Password Vault feature will help users store their encrypted password with face or fingerprint for various services. There is also an Uninterrupted Gaming Mode to meet the needs of mobile gamers.

Additionally, the new Digital Balance dashboard allows users to track device usage metrics and let them set the usage quota for each app. Using onboard AI capabilities, EMUI 9.0 brings HiVision that enables the camera app to recognize major landmarks, paintings, and structures surrounding the environment and provide users with the relevant information using a layer of augmented reality. Also, using AI Shopping objects can be recognized and directly shopped from Amazon.in just from camera view finder, or through any image on phone. The upgraded system introduces Wireless Projecting, which provides a desktop-like experience when the device is wirelessly connected to a supported TV or monitor. Users can project presentations, photos, videos or gaming to the larger screen directly from the device. In addition, EMUI 9.0 enables wireless printing via Huawei Share.

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