HIVE- a new user interface by XOLO for android smartphone

Welcome to HIVE – the software suite for the next level smartphone experience. Built on Android, HIVE offers a host of new features and enhancements that change the way you interact with your device.  It allows users to join in and become a part of the development team by sharing ideas.


CONNECT is an exciting, one-of-a-kind platform that fosters and encourages collaboration. It’s where like-minded technology enthusiasts partner with us, to make HIVE better by constantly connecting, collaborating and sharing new ideas.

The best ideas that are voted up by the community are chosen by us, which then are rolled out as updates. It is your creative playground.


EDGE – Where designers meet users

EDGE is creative community and customization space, all rolled into one. It provides a platform for emerging artists, musicians and photographers to collaborate with us and design exclusive content as themes, ringtones and wallpapers.



Whether it is the lock screen, the apps, its icons, colors, system wide controls, widgets, or even the experience within individual apps; HIVE has a range of wholesome Themes that blend themselves perfectly to the minutest detail.



HIVE comes equipped with Fusion X which combines the music player, video tracks and radio into one centralised core.

Integrated with, Fusion X enables artist recommendations based on what you’re listening to. Fusion X is also tightly integrated with YouTube, wherein you can access trending songs by your favourite artist.

This entire experience coupled with Dolby DTS, and an equalizer that comes with a lot of presets provides an auditory experience unlike any other.



Hive Launcher makes management of applications a no brainer by means of distinct filters for categorization. Launcher also comes equipped with one touch RAM cleaner that clears background applications to free precious RAM space for an uninterrupted experience.



HIVE comes with a stylish set of Controls that mimic real life actions. The conventional straight line bar slidergives way to the sleeker looking circular controls.

Quick Settings include a toggle switch that lets you alternate between dual SIM cards for calls and messages. Simply touch to switch the flashlight on/off or to take a screen grab.



Contacts has been designed to meet the needs of a connected generation.

It’s a smart and simple way of keeping in touch with your friends, family and colleagues via Gmail & Facebook sync. It also provides a unified view of the message threads and the call logs of every contact.



The Camera has been designed to capture vivid pictures with a single click. It provides a wide range of configurable controls like ISO, Exposure or White Balance for professional photographers.

It also includes multiple filters and image enhancement modes to make moments more memorable and fun-filled.


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