Hitachi Data Systems announces Hitachi Cloud Services Connection Program with Redington and iValue in India

Hitachi-Data-Systems-logoNew Delhi, India, February 10, 2014: Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, has announced that Redington and iValue will now offer the Hitachi Cloud Services Connection program (HCSC) to enterprises in India. This program is a public cloud offering built on HDS cloud infrastructure and solutions and managed by HDS for partners to resell.

Built on proven Hitachi platforms and managed by HDS, partners can rebrand and resell cloud services while allowing their brand to be associated with a well-known, information solutions player.

Yogesh Sawant, Director, Partner sales and field alliance organization, India, Hitachi Data Systems, said, “HCSC goes well beyond today’s cloud service by offering customers the experience, knowledge, solutions and enterprise-class features in one package, using an ITIL-certified, low latency, and local data center architecture with strong support.”

Redington and iValue will tailor-make solutions for each customer after evaluating the size of the organization, its existing IT infrastructure, computing usage, storage size needs and other factors. iValue will offer cloud services to customers under the brand ‘iManage’ while Redington’s service will be called ‘ ‘HITRED4CLOUD’. Moreover, HCSC is a service offering built on the highest quality architecture that provides subscribers with state-of-the-art technology, a team of data management experts and industrial standard IT processes.

CEO of iValue Sriram said, “We are seeing increased adoption of cloud services across the industry and by partnering with Hitachi Data Systems we have launched a cloud service that combines Hitachi Data Systems facilities, infrastructure and service management with our sales, marketing, reseller and ISV recruitment to help our customers with their business growth.”

Sundaresan.K, Strategic Business Unit Head, Enterprise, Redington, said, “There is a strong demand from customers for an economical cloud solution to meet their needs. HCSC offers varied services such as virtual server/storage, disaster recovery, server and PC backup, VDI email and SharePoint hosting, offering a cost effective and high value solution to customers.”

HCSC is the Hitachi Data Systems sophisticated cloud service partner program which enables a secure, multitenant environment to ensure privacy among various constituents within a shared infrastructure that can be managed from a single management suite. Supporting a variety of protocols, subscribers can further leverage existing investments in hardware and software and allow legacy devices to inherit cloud attributes, thereby preventing the cloud from becoming just another silo and eliminating the need for a complete refresh or update of hardware and software or the need to rewrite applications.

The cloud service offerings iManage and ‘ ‘HITRED4CLOUD’ will include: 

Virtual Storage and Server

  •  Three types of storage performance: Database, Application, Data-at-Rest
  •  Platform: Linux or Windows servers
  • Server Tiers: Eight performance server tiers – Basic, Standard, High, Advanced, Advanced+, Extreme, Extreme+ and Ultimate

Virtual “Bare Metal” Server

  •  Customer-owned corporate operating system builds on a virtual machine, CPU, RAM
  • Customized: storage capacity, active directory integration, corporate IP address 

By offering an integrated set of cloud solutions, HDS delivers an agile cloud infrastructure that empowers customers to look at their existing IT infrastructure in the following new ways:

  • Online backup – Costs of backup have dramatically increased with the explosion of data. Additionally, data duplication, tape vaulting and tape management create concerns in managing backup costs and total cost of ownership. HDS extends the power of cloud services to provide online local/ remote backup services with data compression optimization technology to ensure near on-line disk backup performance and remote data copy.
  • Managed Storage – Managed storage capacity is available on-demand and provided at various protection levels, with low minimal monthly commitments and a service level agreement (SLA). Customers can flexibly move capacity up and down on a monthly basis depending on usage current usage needs.
  • Disaster Recovery –Organizations are beginning to understand that the ability to recover data quickly and completely is vital to ensure business continuity. HDS offers a range of disaster recovery services to support disaster preparedness and response from the data center to the edge of the network, encompassing data and business resilience.
  • Content as a Service – With the explosion of unstructured data, data management, compliance and information governance, managing the content lifecycle and storage savings are increasingly creating headaches for companies. HDS extends the power of cloud services to content depot management with rich functionality including e-discovery, robust data protection (WORM) and a single point of management.

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