Hello India Digital unveils Wicked WI8300 3D Airline Headphone

Hello-India-Digital-Wicked-WI8300-3D-Airline-HeadphoneNew Delhi, India, Jan 02, 2014: Hello India Digital, leading distributor for PC peripherals, Tablets and Camera batteries, has unveiled Wicked WI8300 Airline Special 3D Headphone. WI-8300 comes with noise cancellation feature. The 3D headphone can move 180 degrees and the headband is adjustable.

WI-8300 ear cups feature noise isolation which keeps out other noises. It has volume control button on the headphone cord with sufficient padding on the ear cups to ensure a comfortable fit.

CEO at Hello India Digital Yogendra Kumar Varshney said, “Airline special headphone is one of our flagship headphones from Wicked. We are confident about this unique headphone with 3D movement and noise cancelling feature. We believe these headphones will definitely catch the attention of customers.”

Price, availability and warranty

Wicked Audio Chill WI-8300 is priced at Rs 3,290. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and available ex-stock.

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