Haier joins hands with Oracle and Capgemini

Haier-Oracle-CapgeminiNew Delhi, India, March 14, 2014: Haier Group Overseas Customer Service, a leading company in global white home appliance, has recently adopted Oracle Service Cloud to build a new overseas service managing platform, with an aim to improve Haier$B!G(Js overseas service and achieve multi-channel interaction with customers.

As the first home appliance company to start using RightNow in APAC, the first phase of this project went live at the end of 2013 in India. Capgemini China facilitates Haier to improve the customer experience and reputationwith a multi-channel consolidation including social network monitor and customer care communication as well as crisis management for emergencies with Capegmini India devoting.

With the popularization and development of social media and the internet, over the past several years, there are great changes in how customers are getting information and how they purchase goods, which requires enterprises to establish fast interaction system based on users$B!G(J needs.

Overseas Market Service Director from Haier Group Song Xuewu said, $B!H(JAs the leader in global white home appliance, Haier hopes to establish a real-time interaction platform for its users and resources required, which enables users and resources providers to keep interaction with zero distance.$B!I(J

Song Yujun$B!$(JManaging Director, Haier India said, $B!H(JAfter ten years of dedication, innovation and excellence in India, I believe that the journey for Haier has just begun. In a rising market like India, it is very heartening to experience the commendable growth that Haier has achieved over the last decade. With the new range of $B!F(Ji-age$B!G(J line of products, consumers will experience products that are purely inspired by the Internet age and designed keeping in mind the contemporary and luxurious lifestyle of Indian consumers. The $B!F(Ji-age$B!G(J products empower individuals by giving them the power to control their surroundings with cutting-edge technology$B!I(J. He also mentioned that service innovation like SPI project will make important contribution to future stable developing of Haier India.

·         With Oracle Service Cloud, and by help from the implementation partner Capgemini, Haier Group Overseas Customer Service fully started its SPI (Service Process Innovation). Haier initially only had one communication channel, the telephone, but now has eight, including Wechat, online chatting, E-mail and other social media to provide $B!H(JEasy and quick service in your hands$B!I(J 0 distance service. Haier$B!G(Js Call Center has changed from contact center, to a user experience exchange center, which creates more quick and more direct interaction between Haier and its customers.

·         As the technology and solutions provider, Oracle has the complete industry cloud product portfolio and the most advanced customers experience management practice with high flexibility and unmatched security. As the implementation partner, Capgemini (China) has powerful consultation and technology service capabilities; notable for coordinating business and technology and offering complete digital enterprise transformation solutions. The service cloud adopted by Haier includes the experience in Web, social and contact center, which can completely meet the business needs of Haier.

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