Google to launch ‘Shoppable Hangout’ in India on January 20

Google-logoNew Delhi, India, January 13, 2014: Search engine giant, Google, will launch its ‘Shoppable Hangout’ in Indiay on January 20, which will allow users to interact with each other and shop online simultaneously.

A Google+ ‘Shoppable Hangout’ On Air enables up to 10 people to interact with each other on a multi-person video chat that is broadcast live to millions online, while allowing all the viewers to simultaneously shop, chat and comment.

Using this Shoppable Hangout, designers or retailers can publicly broadcast a multi-person video chat about their products while customers simultaneously browse through the exclusive catalogue.

Google has tied up with e-commerce and Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan to bring Shoppable Hangout on Google+ to India, a statement on friday said.

Google India Industry Director Nitin Bawankule said, “The Shoppable Hangout will provide users with a brand new online shopping experience, which will be like shopping Hrithik’s clothing line with him at your side, except from participants’ living rooms.”

Besides product hosted on, the Hangout will also feature Hrithik’s clothing line, HRX. It will allow fans to shop and chat with Hrithik online.

Myntra CMO Vikas Ahuja said, “Marrying the power of technology, social media, and e-commerce, we will provide our customers a novel, more personal, and interactive way to shop online on”

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan said he will use the opportunity to interact with his fans and shoppers to showcase his clothing line.

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