Genpact uses Augmented Reality on iOS to Transform Insurance Claims

Genpact announced enhancements to its insurance claims management solution, Inspection Assistant, with an innovative augmented reality iOS app that allows insurance companies to improve customer service, speeding claims processing and increasing overall accuracy and efficiency.

In an era of ever-increasing mobility, Genpact is levering advanced technologies and industry experts to help insurers transform operations to meet the expectations of the modern customer, providing companies with easy access to tools that help them better address policyholders’ demands for more immediate response time.

Genpact’s InspectorPro, an iOS app that is part of Inspection Assistant, incorporates Apple’s powerful augmented reality framework, ARKit. The app allows users to take accurate 3D measurements easily with a few taps on a mobile device. Using 3D visual modeling and other advanced technology, Inspection Assistant lets desk-based claims adjusters access virtual on-scene inspections without ever leaving their office. Images from the inspection site are transmitted near instantaneously via the cloud, allowing insurance companies to increase the speed in processing customer claims by up to 70% and lower inspection costs by up to 50%.

Sasha Sanyal, global business leader, insurance at Genpact, said, “The traditional insurance claims inspection process has required significant resources and time to properly adjust and file a customer claim. We are helping insurers take advantage of mobile innovations that enhance vehicle, property, contents, and general liability inspections to process claims faster and with greater accuracy—all while improving customer experience. This ability to apply advanced technologies to the most critical customer pain points is enabling a new era in insurance.”

As an Apple mobility partner, Genpact provides advanced solutions on iOS. Genpact will continue to innovate across additional Apple platforms and develop new enhancements for InspectorPro and Inspection Assistant.

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