Fujitsu establishes Fujitsu HPC Competency Center in Bangalore

Fujitsu-HPC-Competency-Center-in-BangaloreNew Delhi, India,  September 4, 2014: Fujitsu, the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, today announced that it is charting an aggressive strategy to build its share in the High Performance Computing (HPC) market segment in India, buoyed by the traction it has gained in the market. The company has planned investments across customer services and engagement, partnerships and training, with an aim to double its revenues in the HPC segment. As part of this strategy, Fujitsu will open the Fujitsu HPC Competency Center in Bangalore – the first such by a technology vendor in India, and Fujitsu’s fifth such center globally. It also announced strengthening exclusive partnerships with select partners in India. These announcements were made today at the Fujitsu World Tour 2014 event in Delhi. 

The new Fujitsu HPC Competency Center in Bangalore will be open to customers and partners from November, 2014.

Fujitsu envisages that demand for HPC in India will stem from application areas such as – advanced drug discovery, seismic engineering for oil exploration, automotive design, industrial manufacturing, aeronautical and defence research and design, mathematical modeling from scientists working on advanced theories, chemical and physical engineering formulation, advanced weather forecasting, and government-specific demand areas.

Andy Stevenson, Territory Leader – Middle East and India, Managing Director for Fujitsu, India, said, “Fujitsu is the most experienced and largest provider of HPC solutions in Asia, a leading HPC vendor in Europe, and it is natural for us to invest in markets which show promise. The Indian market for HPC solutions is vibrant, owing to an increasing focus from the Government to become scientifically advanced and prepared, and sectors such as manufacturing and design, pharma and telecom which value the importance of advancements, new discoveries and time-to-market. We already have a strong presence in HPC Solutions in India, and look to grow that significantly.” 

Fujitsu’s new HPC Competency Center in Bangalore is part of the company’s vision to expand the possibilities of HPC in potential global markets, and in line with its aim to grow in the Indian market. The Fujitsu HPC Competency Center will allow scientists, analysts and engineers in India to leverage the power of HPC to solve complex science, engineering, and business problems using applications that require high bandwidth, low latency networking, and very high compute capabilities. By doing so, Fujitsu is enabling access to HPC infrastructure for the scientific and technical community, private and public organisations in India, who otherwise do not have the resources to build their own HPC infrastructure, or have the in-depth technical expertise to execute HPC models.

The investment made by Fujitsu in the new Fujitsu HPC Competency Center includes establishing a high-tech cluster consisting more than 750 cores of processing, along with storage and InfiniBand networks, and highly skilled technical talent in the area of HPC. The high-tech cluster is powered by the extreme reliability of proven Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers.

As part of its go-to-market strategy for HPC in India, Fujitsu has set clarity among its partners as part of its SELECT Partner Program. It has appointed ‘SELECT Expert’ partners for HPC Solutions in India, which is the highest level of the Fujitsu SELECT Partner program.

Naoya Tamura, General Manager, Global HPC, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, said, “The use of HPC in an organisation or in a country is a strong indicator of the scientific and technical prowess and ambition, and enterprises in the private and public sectors in India are showing very strong inclinations to adopt HPC. We are keen to power them with the huge and efficient computing ability and technical knowledge to tackle problems of high scientific and business value.” 

This announcement follows the introduction of the Fujitsu HPC Simplicity concept in India in 2013, which combines the Fujitsu Software HPC Cluster Suite (HCS), an immediately optimized x86 HPC cluster solution based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, with a new graphical user interface-based front end. 

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