Fujitsu and ACC Wien Implement Platform for Use in Training and Development on SAP HANAR

Bangalore, India, May 1, 2015: Fujitsu announces that the Academic Competence Center of the Vienna University of Technology (ACC Wien) has chosen Fujitsu infrastructure for the University’s first implementation of SAP Business Suite powered by the SAP HANA platform. The new infrastructure enables vast amounts of data to be analyzed in real time without compromising on security. With this installation, Fujitsu provides the ACC Wien with a simple-to-maintain and cost-efficient platform that will be used by educational institutions across Austria for training and research purposes.

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution. For over 200 years, the university has promoted its mission of ‘technology for the people’ by developing scientific excellence and wide-ranging competence in students. Because of the university’s high-quality research and technological capabilities, many innovative companies have partnered with it. TU Wien also partners with other universities to participate in research programs, including the ACC Wien.

According to Professor Dr. Redlein, ACC Wien: “As an educational institution, we highly appreciate Fujitsu’s vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society. From experience, we’ve seen that Fujitsu perfectly understands our specific goals and requirements. The implementation of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA on Fujitsu infrastructure provides a solid and reliable foundation for professional training and education of thousands of students. This will definitely help to further increase the use of SAP in-memory technology to support the development and implementation of streamlined and efficient business processes.”

Recognizing the importance of using technology for efficient business processes and real-time decision making in research and business today, ACC Wien is a member of the SAP University Alliances program. ACC Wien supports around 150 educational and research institutions across the country. For more than 15 years, the SAP University Alliances program has inspired students through classroom sessions, application development, and networking opportunities among other educational opportunities.

Wolfgang Hopfes, Director Global SAP Go to Market, Fujitsu, says: “By implementing Fujitsu’s infrastructure to run SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, the Academic Competence Center of the Vienna University of Technology is giving its students a valuable opportunity to use and learn from the newest technology available. This knowledge and experience will open many doors for its students’ research and career opportunities now and in the future.”

Based on positive prior experience with Fujitsu technologies and services, ACC Wien decided to base its first implementation of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA on Fujitsu infrastructure. The implementation is founded on the FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for SAP HANA and based on industry standard FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY systems. To enable the university to concentrate on research projects rather than designing, setting up and maintaining the solution, it includes an optimized and pre-installed infrastructure, a Fujitsu deployment service for SAP HANA, and the Fujitsu SolutionContract for SAP HANA to help safeguard the highest possible system availability.

Fujitsu continuously adds value to its infrastructure solutions and services portfolio for the SAP HANA platform by including new features, functions and services. As a result, Fujitsu’s offering enables vast amounts of big data to be analyzed safely and securely in real-time, either on premise or in the cloud for smarter decisions based on greater insight with real-time data. With this implementation, Fujitsu contributes to achieving a Human Centric Intelligent Society.

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