“Freescale Technology Forum is all about showcasing innovation in technology and products.”- Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India

Mr. Bhaskar Dhandapani, Country Sales Manager, Freescale Semiconductor India shares his views with technuter.com on Freescale Technology Forum:

Freescale-Semiconductor-India-Bhaskar-DhandapaniWhat is FTF all about? How important is the event from Freescale’s perspective? What is the community we are targeting and why? 

Developed for the embedded engineers in mind, Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) features one of the most comprehensive embedded ecosystems in the industry. FTF provides opportunities to learn, share and connect with experts. The forum, which drives on themes like innovation and collaboration, has been enthusiastically received by the global developer community, drawing nearly 60,000 attendees worldwide since its inception in 2005. 

FTF is where embedded professionals come together to get the best technical training in the industry, receive help with their design, find the next big idea and expand network. FTF attendees are highly targeted and technically astute decision makers and influencers. They include current and future customers, technologists, designers, executives and industry analysts. 

This year’s FTF theme is IoT, how do you see trend catching up pace in the market? 

Internet of Things is certainly getting a lot of traction globally and in India as well. Everybody today is talking about how devices are getting smart and connected and how IoT will be a movement across industries. From an era when smartphones were a luxury, today people have refrigerators, ACs to microwaves which are smart and can communicate with other devices. 

IoT has usefulness across industries and it is very interesting to see how the trend is catching up across vertical. If we look at few examples in the healthcare industry, the viable use of this trend can help in lowering costs and improving quality. Advances in sensor and connectivity technology are allowing devices to collect, record and analyze data that was not accessible before. In healthcare, this means being able to collect patient data over time that can be used to help enable preventive care, allow prompt diagnosis of acute complications and promote understanding of how a therapy (usually pharmacological) is helping improve a patient’s parameters and more such things. 

Similarly, in the auto industry IoT has been used effectively, with automakers banking on this technology to drive sales. The IoT extends to the automobile through wireless connections to the ITS infrastructure managing Infotainment, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) etc.

What are the new products to be showcased in FTF this year? 

This year’s FTF is going to be about innovation and showcasing the future of IoT and wearable devices. We are planning to showcase the entire concept of IoT. We have over 60+ demos from Freescale and its eco system partners in our technology lab area. The demo’s focuses on all the major area we are present including – Automotive, Networking, Consumer, Industrial, Smart Energy, Healthcare and Software design services. 

What value proposition does FTF bring to the industry? 

Freescale Technology Forum is all about showcasing innovation in technology and products. Our theme for FTF is powering innovation which is the real essence of this event during all these years. This time we will also focus on the future of Internet of Things, automotive, networking etc. and we expect a lot of technology enthusiasts to be excited about the event. 

This event serves as a great platform for like-minded professionals to interact and share their experiences and knowledge. The event has more than 75 hours of technical training sessions, an interactive Technology Lab with products and technology demonstrations from Freescale and their partners. These technical sessions not only provide extensive knowledge about innovation and products, but also lay an outlay of how technology is developing and how we can use it to constantly innovate. 

FTF is an event which hence helps professionals to network and also gain a lot of knowledge about the industry and the technology world.

 What are the expectations from FTF this year? 

FTF this year is going to big as always and we expect a good turnaround of likeminded professionals at the event. With an ever-changing industry and shorter product cycles, attending FTF is an investment in your future. Attend empowering keynote presentations and training sessions to get the awareness and knowledge you need to stay relevant in today’s dynamic environment. Also designers and technology enthusiasts can expect a lot of their questions answered at the event with several hours of technical sessions and the technology lab that brings interesting demonstration from Freescale and our ecosystem partners. 

Definitely the event has a lot to offer and add to the technology universe and we believe that the event this year will be bigger and better.

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