Focus Softnet launches its CRM application on cloud

Group-CEO-of-Focus-Softnet-Ali-HyderMumbai, India, June 23, 2014: Focus Softnet, the leading software development company, announced the availability of the cloud-based version of Focus CRM, its Customer Relationship Management solution. Focus CRM on cloud will offer customers ease-of-use, 24×7 availability, better customer experience and huge cost-savings.

Group CEO of Focus Softnet Ali Hyder said, “Businesses today are looking for cost-effective ways to optimize sales processes, enhance marketing initiatives and improve customer service to ultimately boost productivity. Focus has been providing all the 3 functions of a standard Customer Relationship management in its earlier perpetual license version of CRM. With the cloud version the product’s offering enhances to 24X7 accessibility, 99.99% uptime and full time and dedicated support service to the end-user.” 

Focus CRM on cloud provides customers a solution that spans through entire business cycle from marketing to pre-sales to operations through post-sales and services. The application is available in three versions: basic, professional and enterprise. Customers can evaluate the application on a trial period for 30 days by creating accounts for upto three users by using their email ids. The license is based on named users i.e. the customer will be charged per active user per month or per user per hour. Focus CRM on cloud is deployed on multiple instances and is scalable further.

“Focus CRM on cloud can be customized to our customer’s needs as well as integrated with their solutions. It will also allow our customers to store, save and access all of their data through the internet using a web-enabled browser. They can scale up their business by simply enabling additional users as and when they need to,” Mr. Hyder adds.

Some of the key features of Focus on Cloud are:

  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • Quick deployment
  • Low upfront costs
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Flexibility
  • Web-enabled and hence access from anytime/anywhere on any device
  • Robust and secure platform
  • Secure login access
  • 24x7x365 accessibility to data
  • Mobile access

Focus CRM on cloud is amongst the company’s first cloud-based solution offerings. Focus Softnet is planning to unveil more cloud and mobile solutions for its customers in the second half of the year. Focus CRM on cloud is available through Focus Softnet’s offices and partner network across the globe.

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