FakeOFF app Review and Verdict

FakeOFFNow a days approx everyone is using Fcaebook for connect with their family, friends and their business clients. On Facebook some of us ‘Like’ some Facebook pages, accept friend request randomly and someone Tag us in his/her image, whom we don’t know. According to a recent study, many users are not authentic on Facebook. They make fake profile on Facebook for their personal fun. We always read many stories related to crime on Facebook. Fake profiles look very real. They post, chat and upload photos almost as if they were real friends, but for completely different reasons; They can be clever ads, social-media savvy burglars, sex offenders, psychopaths and more…

How can we prevent our-self from these crime?

User can prevent them-self by using an app (application) ‘FakeOFF’. It will help you to keep a check on those profile which are fake. This app in such a manner that whenever you click on it a pop window with your friend list will appear just select the profile, run test and this app do an algorithm check of profile where recent pictures, trends ,videos ,updates ,location are analyzed and a grade is provided to that profile between 1-10 where 10 is safest and 1 is alarming.


FakeOFF a Facebook app developed by Israeli start-up which is designed to protect Block and restricts fake profiles on Facebook. FakeOFF is also suitable for Indian girls with current trend of cyber-crime in our country. This application help you to judge which profile is fake and need to be reviewed.



This application is designed in such a manner that allows you to filter those friends and pages who either have used fake image or have updated information which is not related and copied from somewhere it will also tell you suspect level of that page or profile by rating pattern, an algorithm check also suggest you necessary steps need to be taken in order to protect yourself.

An algorithm test is done of last 365 days of profiles activity, images and generates a score between 1 to 10 where 1 says ‘Be Alert’ and 10 means ‘safe’. Recent trend of increased time span on social media increases the chances of girls getting webbed but now they just need to click on link of App and can check the pages and profiles which help them revealing and filtering fake accounts this application will analyze the suspect profile and check on Images if they are copied or edited from somewhere. 



By using FakeOFF app, user can protect them-self by fraud users on Facebook and can filter their all friend list. It a nice app for girls. They can protect them from fraud. Earlier this application was paid but in order to make India users safer FakeOFF’s founder Eliran Shachar decided to made this App Free for Indian users until further notice.

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