F-Secure survey shows consumers are better about protecting their PCs than their mobile devices

F-Secure SAFENew Delhi, India, September 19, 2014: F-Secure is greeting the mobile, multi-device future with award-winning Best Protection for every household device, all in one simple product. With its revamped, refreshed 2015 consumer product lineup being launched, F-Secure is including multi-device Internet security. New, improved F-Secure SAFE is for all one’s devices – Windows and Mac computers and Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 smartphones and tablets. Among other products featured in the lineup are F-Secure’s flagship PC product, Internet Security 2015, with snappy enhancements, and F-Secure Anti-Virus.

It’s a multi-device world, and malware has gone multi-device as well. But a new F-Secure survey shows that in spite of constant headlines about online attacks, most consumers are not properly securing their online lives by protecting every device they own. While more than six out of ten PC owners have security installed to their computer or laptop, only a quarter of Android smartphone owners have security installed on their device. That number drops to 16% for Android tablets, 6% for iPhones and iPads, and just 3% for Windows Phones and Mac computers.

Samu Konttinen, Executive Vice President, Consumer Security at F-Secure, said, “It’s understandable why people aren’t protecting all their computers and devices. Given the number of devices in the average household, it may seem too cumbersome. But every device needs protection – whether from malware, loss or theft, or whether children need to be protected from inappropriate content. That’s why we’re offering one simple security package that offers the flexibility to protect all your devices, from PC to Mac to mobile.”

Protect your life on every device

F-Secure SAFE is cloud-based Internet security providing real-time protection on every device. It safeguards against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and identity theft, while also blocking harmful websites and online attacks. The product ensures worry-free surfing, banking and shopping. Consumers can easily manage protection on their devices with a simple-to-use personal portal, My Safe, which conveniently allows them to switch protection from one device to another if, for example, they buy a new device.

The new SAFE has been improved for an even smoother, more cohesive experience. It now features full anti-theft management capabilities through the My Safe portal. Android and iOS users can now remotely lock, wipe, locate, unlock, reset, and sound the alarm on a lost or stolen phone without having to visit a separate portal. SAFE also has an updated new look and feel with a harmonized experience across devices whether using PC, Mac or mobile. SAFE for PC is now lighter and faster with smoother installation, and can even be installed to an infected PC.

F-Secure SAFE allows individuals or households to choose a subscription based on the number of devices they own. F-Secure SAFE is available for purchase or a 30-day free trial at www.f-secure.com/safe. It’s also available in Google Play and through channel partners globally.

Best PC security, now even better 

For those who just need to protect a PC at home, F-Secure’s Internet Security 2015 is top-notch comprehensive PC security. The product consistently receives excellent detection results in independent tests, and its technology has won the Best Protection Award from AV-TEST for the past three years in a row. Like SAFE for PC, Internet Security 2015 is now lighter and faster, with one-click installation, and can be installed to an infected PC. The product runs a cleanup on the infected machine before installing itself.

F-Secure’s 2015 security product lineup for consumers includes:

•             F-Secure SAFE – Internet security for all devices (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, WP8)

•             F-Secure Internet Security 2015 – Full comprehensive PC security

•             F-Secure Anti-Virus – Protection against viruses, spyware and other malware for PC and Mac

•             F-Secure Online Scanner – Scans and cleans your PC for free

•             F-Secure Search – Ensures your search results are safe to click on

•             F-Secure App Permissions – Displays the permissions for all the apps on your Android device

•             F-Secure Freedome – VPN plus online security and privacy, all in one button

•             F-Secure Key – Secure password manager with just one master password

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