Ezetap and Microsoft partner to launch POS payment solution on Windows devices

Microsoft-logoBangalore, India, November 5, 2014: Ezetap has launched Point of Sale (POS) payment solution on Windows devices.  Ezetap’s solution integrates with Windows mobile devices to give the full functionality and security of a POS system with more flexibility and significantly lower cost than normal POS devices provided to retailers by banks. This will allow more retailers and users of POS devices to use Ezetap across 20 different verticals including PSU, insurance and banking.  The Ezetap solution turns a merchant’s mobile device into an intelligent point of sale that is able to complete any type of financial transaction from a credit card sale to a real-time bill payment, to an ATM cash withdrawal or deposit.

“Ezetap on Windows allows us to address increasing demand from our existing and prospective customers for Windows-based POS,” said Abhijit Bose, CEO & Co-Founder of Ezetap.  “Intelligent and mobile POS solutions will not only redefine how businesses work, but they will also have a huge impact on consumers and society in general.  We expect our solution to be deployed on 100,000 Windows devices over the next 12 months. By leveraging the power of cloud and mobility, we are simplifying transactions and this partnership brings us closer to achieving our vision.”

Vineet Durani, Director – Windows, Microsoft India said, “The deployment by Ezetap on Windows devices addresses a key market demand for integrated and intelligent mobile POS system. Payments are a high-risk operation and partners like Ezetap building POS solutions need a stringent level of authentication, security and manageability. Windows devices now start at Rs. 8,000 and therefore organizations can deploy large number of fully-featured and highly-secure mobile POS on these devices at significantly lower capital outlay.”

Windows supports industry standards in high security areas and continues to work with security groups to further strengthen the platform. With 1.5 billion users across the world, Windows is a familiar global platform for most organizations.

The Ezetap solution is comprised of a secure and lightweight card reader, a configurable mobile application, and a flexible platform that allows Ezetap to provide customized value-added services and integrate to a merchant’s existing systems.   The solution is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) and the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PADSS) global security standards.

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