Etam Group Expands Scope of its Marketing Activities with the Help of the Latest Version of Infor’s Marketing Management Solutions

infor-logoBangalore, India  December 11, 2014:  Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 73,000 customers, today announced that Etam Group, leader in the women’s clothing distribution sector, has demonstrated renewed confidence by expanding the scope of Infor’s Marketing Management solutions to cover all of its trade names: Etam, 1.2.3. and more recently, Undiz, which has been witnessing rapid levels of growth since its creation.

Etam Group, a French company with almost 20,000 employees and 4,200 retail outlets throughout the world (including 720 in France), has opted to change the way it uses Infor’s Marketing Management solution, a multi-channel marketing campaign management solution (email, letter, SMS, social networks, etc.), by optimizing the client relationship while making it possible to analyse the impact of marketing activities on turnover. The group has also decided to adopt Infor Interaction Advisor, a specific marketing solution from Infor that helps to develop the share of revenue linked to cross-selling while simultaneously improving client loyalty.

News Points

  • Etam Group has decided to deploy the Infor Marketing solution on a larger scale to make the solution available to a larger number of employees and to reap the benefits of the latest version, which incorporates Infor 10x technology.
  • The purpose of this exercise is to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for all of the trade names under the umbrella of Etam Group.
  • Etam Group has made the decision to adopt Infor Interaction Advisor, a software solution that makes it possible to predict client preferences and behavioral patterns according to their real time activity.
  • These new investments demonstrate Etam Group’s renewed confidence in Infor, which has been positioning itself as a true specialist in managing marketing campaigns for major accounts, multiplying the number of prestigious contracts with undertakings on this scale. 

Etam Group Quote 

“We are highly satisfied with Infor’s solutions, which our marketing teams have been using since 2005 for Etam and 1.2.3 brands. Everything has worked well from the point of view of customer service, segmentation, marketing campaign management through to their communications by mail, analysis and follow-up,” said Grégoire Sanquer, director of Information Systems for Etam Group. “When developing the Undiz brand, we wanted to take our use of Infor’s solutions one step further with the updated marketing solution in version 10 so as to benefit from the enhanced social network functionality, which is particularly important for this trade name. At a later stage we also plan to launch the Infor Interaction Advisor range. This will provide our clients with personalized messages in real time and will give a real boost to our brands in a highly competitive sector such as the world of fashion.”

Infor Quote 

“Infor is delighted to renew and expand the technological partnership it began in 2005 with Etam Group,” said Grant Halloran, vice president and general manager, Infor Marketing Management. “With this new Marketing Management project, we are consolidating even further our position as a specialist in managing complex marketing campaigns for major accounts, dealing with millions of emails, text messages and alerts on a monthly basis. Our solutions bring real added value in terms of specialist functionality for marketing in the fashion sector, analysis, rapid return on investment, interactivity, and digital innovation.”

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