ESG lab testing and industry award affirm unique advantages of DXi6900 deduplication

Quantum-logoBangalore, India, February 26, 2015: Quantum today announced the results of industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) evaluation of Quantum’s DXi6900 deduplication and backup appliance and related data protection offerings. ESG Lab’s testing confirmed the DXi6900 provides enterprise-class performance while reducing complexity with capacity-on-demand scalability. Further underscoring these strengths, the DXi6900 recently won the Silver medal in the Storage magazine/ 2014 Products of the Year Backup Hardware category.

ESG Lab Validation Highlights

ESG Lab performed evaluation and testing of the Quantum DXi6900 in the areas of performance, data reduction, scalability and flexibility, as well as how it fits into the Quantum ecosystem. Key findings included:

  • Sustained Performance: ESG Lab validated that Quantum’s DXi6902 was able to sustain 16.3TB per hour of multithreaded enterprise backup throughput. A single Quantum DXi6902 disk backup system could be used to protect more than 130TB of data in an eight-hour shift using less than 20TB of disk space and restore individual files in a matter of seconds.
  • Benefits of Variable-Length over Fixed-Length Dedupe: Quantum DXi variable-length deduplication provided 85 percent data reduction for both structured and unstructured data, using full and incremental backup schedules, compared to just 50 percent reduction for the fixed-length deduplication method tested. The greater data reduction results in easier integration into an organization’s existing backup environment and substantial disk capacity and network bandwidth savings in large environments.
  • StorNext Advantage: ESG Lab found that the StorNext file system’s intelligent metadata management, storage optimized for balanced performance, data integrity checking and Dynamic Disk Pools technology work together to improve availability and performance.
  • Simple Scalability: With “pay-as-you-grow” scalability, capacity can be added with a simple license key, reducing the complexity of capacity and performance planning.
  • Insightful Management: Quantum Vision™ reporting software effectively provides insight into the status and health of the DXi6900, enabling users to manage remote sites and multiple technologies more easily though the entire data lifecycle.
  • Cloud-ready: The DXi6900 works seamlessly with Quantum Q-Cloud Protect to provide a cloud-based data protection and DR service using encrypted, deduplicated replication to optimize off-site protection and recovery.

Tony Palmer, Senior Lab Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, said, “Quantum continues to excel at providing flexible, robust, high-performance data protection. With the DXi6900, Quantum enables customers to retain more data for fast and reliable restores and longer retention periods while minimizing impact on backups, and its tiered storage approach ensures data resides on storage matched to its business value. Comprehensive infrastructure management and analytics provided by Quantum tie the global environment together into a single, manageable entity.” 

Robert Clark, Senior Vice President, Product Operations, Quantum, said, “The validation and accolades offered by ESG Lab and the editorial staff at Storage magazine and add to the growing body of industry praise for the DXi6900. Data center workloads increasingly demand the ability to protect data across sites and in the cloud, and the DXi6900 is proving to be a superior choice for customers to address that need.”

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