Epson brightens up the corporate sector with brilliant, True-To-Life projectors

Bangalore, India, January 09, 2015: Epson, a projector brand, has launched a new range of business projectors that are aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity in the office while providing true-to-life colour projection. At the same time, Epson has also launched a new large-scale venue projector which is Epson’s brightest projector to date.

The launch of these products strengthens Epson’s number one market share position, a position they have held in the projector market for the past 13 years. The products being launched include the EB-1400 series, the EB-1970/80 series and the large-scale venue projector, EB-Z9000/11000 Series.


As a standard, all the projectors are powered by Epson’s proprietary 3LCD technology which produce images that are 3X brighter than comparable technologies. The 3LCD technology achieves this by splitting white light into three primary colours (Red, Green and Blue), passing them through three LCD panels and them recombining the three colour images formed using a prism before projecting it out. Epson’s 3LCD engine ensures that users get the highest possible colour light output from the light source, thereby enabling Epson projectors to deliver colour brightness as high as white brightness. This results in bright and colour-accurate images, and smooth projections of movies without colour breakup.

What makes these new models stand out is the focus on increasing productivity and efficiency in the corporate environment. The EB-1400 series features finger-touch interactive ultra-short throw projectors that redefine the boundaries of what is possible in workplace collaboration. Meeting participants can now use a finger to conveniently draw and annotate on projected contents on-screen to show new ideas or emphasise key concepts. They can also enjoy improved navigational experience by using finger gestures such as swipe, flick, press and tap and pinch zoom to control contents on screen. The EB-1400 series also brings inter-office collaboration to new heights with its multi-location interactive capabilities that allow users in separate offices to connect via the internet and share annotations made on their respective projectors. The Whiteboard Share function provides even more engagement and participation, as content from the projector’s whiteboard mode can be shared with participants through a URL link that can be accessed by PC or smart device. Up to 15 devices can be connected at any one time, which means meeting participants can play a more active role during discussions. The ultra-short throw projectors offer equally high white and colour brightness of 3300 lumens while the interactive function provides users with complete control at the touch of a finger.

The EB-1970/80 series offers amazingly brilliant visuals with WXGA/WUXGA resolution (beyond full HD), and is the first of its kind to offer wireless operation without the need for additional software. While the rich connectivity options mean greater flexibility for projecting from various devices, the multi-PC projector with moderator function mean more opportunities for collaboration, as the moderator can display four screens while toggling between up to 50 PCs, choosing which to display depending on the information needed.

If there is a need to bring projection beyond the boardroom however, Epson has created its brightest projector yet. With an equal colour and white brightness level of 11,000 lumens, the EB-Z9000/11000 series offers superior image quality and its geometric correction capabilities give users the ability to project on practically anywhere, including curved surfaces or corner walls. Epson has also achieved a breakthrough in their beyond FullHD projectors with the EB-Z10000U, which has a brightness level of 10,000lm, the highest in its range. Flexible installation options mean that users are no longer restricted to projecting in landscape format, as the EB-Z9000/11000 series can project in portrait mode and with seven interchangeable lenses including one short throw lens, greatly increasing installation options.

“Image quality has always been of utmost importance for us,” states Samba Moorthy, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Epson India, “which is why our focus has been on both high brightness and high colour brightness. With this new range of large venue projectors, we’ve provided our customers with the very best images they could get with a wide array of installation options, making it easier to obtain the brightest, sharpest images.”

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