EnterpriseDB Releases New Open Source Tool for Linking Postgres and MySQL Databases

EnterpriseDB-LogoLondon, UK, November 13, 2014: EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, today announced the release of a new Postgres extension that lets users seamlessly connect MySQL and Postgres databases. Such extensions for enabling Postgres to federate data gives end users broad new powers to realise greater value from their data by combining systems for a single view of customer and other data.

Today’s enterprise typically comprises a mix of different database management systems. Evolving technologies, acquisitions or mergers, geographic expansion and other factors create silos of data stored in disparate systems that companies struggle to integrate. By using extensions called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs), Postgres Plus Advanced Server, EDB’s database, can be used to federate data from multiple disparate systems.

“Enterprises commonly run databases from a mix of vendors in their data centers. There is a huge benefit to having one database to examine sales orders, web activity, product management, invoicing and supply chain information, combining structured and unstructured data without sacrificing ACID compliance,” said Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Products and Services at EnterpriseDB. “Giving enterprises such powerful technology to achieve a single view of the customer or other data at a very low cost is a value proposition unique to Postgres. “

The open source Postgres community laid the foundation for integrating Postgres with external databases in 2011 when it released PostgreSQL 9.1 with support for the SQL standard SQL/MED (SQL Management of External Data). This made way for the development of FDWs. Enhancements in PostgreSQL 9.3 expanded the ability of FDWs to write data to external sources in addition to the read capability added with 9.1.

EDB recently developed and released to the open source community an FDW for MongoDB and announced development of an FDW for Hadoop.

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