EMC announces the launch of the Industry’s First Hadoop Innovation Centre

New Delhi, India, April 27 2015: EMC Corporation today announced the Federation Business Data Lake. The fully engineered solution includes leading storage and Big Data analytics technologies from EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal, and VMware to help customers leverage the new world of Big Data, thereby clearing the path for new insights and disruptive differentiation.

EMC India also announced the launch of its Hadoop Innovation Centre in the APJ region, located within EMC’s Centre of Excellence (COE) at Bengaluru. A first of its kind in the industry, the Centre will showcase solutions with Cloudera, Hortonworks and Pivotal. Further it will provide opportunities to ISVs to create and test solutions and to application vendors like Splunk to explore/create vertical stacks.

The company also announced the launch of a 4-week free, open, online, interactive course on ‘Data Lakes for Big Data MOOC’, under the aegis of EMC Academic Alliances. It highlights the Federation Business Data Lake as an integrated solution that stores and provides access to Big Data for real-time, rapid analytics and predictive modeling. It is targeted at students as well as decision makers or influencer keen to learn and define their organization’s big data strategy.

Implemented in as little as seven days, the Federation Business Data Lake greatly simplifies the massively complex task of building a Data Lake and is designed for speed, self-service and scalability for the enterprise, enabling organizations to begin making better-informed business decisions using Big Data analytics. The Federation Business Data Lake joins the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution as a converged solution from the EMC Federation that will redefine infrastructure to maximize the speed and agility for IT organizations deploying Hybrid Clouds and Data Lakes.

The incredible potential of Big Data is being driven first and foremost by the growth of data from traditional applications, modern applications, sensors and intelligent devices along with masses of new public data such as social media feeds.  The ability to capture and process that data is now possible because of the growth of inexpensive storage and limitless compute, along with the invention of new technologies that enable real-time analysis and a direct connection to action through new applications and products.  These storage and analytics technologies, along with the massive data sets comprise the Business Data Lake.

Business Data Lakes are becoming a top corporate priority because they fill a critical gap left by traditional data warehousing.  A Business Data Lake contains structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of sources and the analytics are focused on building models to predict the future.  Companies with successful Data Lakes are leveraging the data and predictive models to build new products, applications and business models to redefine their industry, taking or extending the “Market Leader” role.

A highly effective Business Data Lake will provide three critical functions:

  • Store: Stores structured and unstructured data for all types of analytics, from many different sources, blending capacity and performance as needed for the analytics use case.
  • Analyze: Provides modern data management and analytics tools for all types of analytics including Hadoop-based, In-Memory No-SQL and Scale-out MPP.
  • Surface & Act: Provides data to users and applications to enable real-time changes in outcomes and to influence critical decisions.

Until now, building an effective Data Lake has been difficult and complex. IT organizations seeking to deploy a Data Lake must deploy and configure the right analytics platform and the right corresponding storage for each analytics use case, from Hadoop to real-time.  Once the environment is created, data must be loaded with all the right access rights and governance applied to the data sets.  Deployment of the environment and data sets is a complex and time-consuming task, preventing IT from meeting the needs of business users.

The Federation Business Data Lake Solution

The Federation Business Data Lake Solution makes it easy to deploy a Business Data Lake. Core products from the EMC Federation of Companies, EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware, provide the core functionality of the Federation Business Data Lake meeting the critical functional needs – Store, Analyze, Surface and Act.

The Federation Business Data Lake is a fully engineered solution that can be rapidly and automatically provisioned, enabling IT organizations to lead the needs of the business.  The analytics layer is completely virtualized with VMware running on Vblocks with predefined analytics use cases and automated provisioning and configuration.  EMC Isilon provides the Data Lake Storage Foundation, delivering the ideal balance of capacity and performance.

The analytics layer is comprised of the Pivotal Big Data Suite, including PivotalHD, featuring the world’s leading SQL-on-Hadoop engine, HAWQ. Pivotal Big Data Suite provides enterprise-class SQL, which allows for seamless integration and interoperability with top analytics platforms such as SAS, Tableau and others, over data stored in Hadoop. EMC is also delivering two additional Business Data Lakes to enable integration with customer choice of Hadoop distribution including Cloudera and Hortonworks, along with any future Open Data Platform-based Hadoop distribution.

EMC Data Lake Services:

A full suite of services and education is available with the Federation Business Data Lake to enable customers at varying stages of their Data Lake journey to implement the solution, prove out the value of the solution and quickly identify strategic Big Data use cases, including:

  • EMC Technology Onboarding Service: For customers who are ready to deploy a Data Lake, the EMC Technology Onboarding Service offers full consulting services to install and deploy the Federation Business Data Lake, optimize the analytics environment and configure and customize data requirements.
  • EMC Proof of Value Service: For customers who know the use case they want to address but are looking for help implementing the latest big data analytic and rapid application development tools and techniques, the Proof of Value Service demonstrates the ROI of a targeted use case using real customer data.
  • EMC Big Data Vision Workshop: For customers who are undecided about how to start infusing Big Data into its business strategy, the EMC Big Data Vision Workshop analyzes an organization’s strategy, business goals and then prioritizes a target use case for the start of its Big Data journey.
  • Education Services: In addition to the service offerings above, EMC offers training and certification to develop fundamental as well as advanced Big Data and Data Science understanding and skills required by business leaders and Big Data practitioners.

Sarv Saravanan, SVP and GM, APJ Centers of Excellence, said, “EMC Centers of Excellence in APJ have pioneered many new initiatives to redefine innovation and engineering, and I’m delighted that we are opening Hadoop Innovation Centre at the COE in Bangalore as a mark of its growing role. We are at the forefront of bringing together an ecosystem of Developers, ISVs and Partners to explore, collaborate and harness third platform technologies. This is also reinforcement of our ongoing commitment to enable customers on their digital transformation journey.”

Amit Mehta, Country Manager, Isilon Storage Division, said, “Organizations today across the globe are struggling with the volume, variance and velocity of data. Many IT organizations are finding it challenging to keep up with the demands of their business users and enable rapid deployment of Big Data analytics.  The challenge for them has been the complexity of mapping analytics use cases to the right technology stack and right storage platform, then deploying and configuring it all together. However, the new challenge requires a new approach. The new Federation Business Data Lake provides a fully engineered, enterprise-grade data lake tuned to the strategic priorities of the businesses that can help organizations realize the value of big data analytics as little as one week”.

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