Elete Tpad touch keyboard Review and Verdict

We are living in very tech-savvy era. Where everyone wants to do his/her works very easily by using technology or tech-gadget.

Today, I am doing a product review of Elete Tpad touch keyboard. It is not just a touch keyboard, but it is more than a keyboard.

First, all of you have to understand why will you use this keyboard. I am giving you two examples here, by it you can easily understand, why will you use this keyboard.

  1. Suppose, you are watching a movie and that movie is playing through HDMI Port of your laptop. You have put your laptop just beside your Television and same time you got an urgent phone call, then first you have to pause your movie through your laptop and again you have to play movie after finish your phone call. It will take your time and may be, you couldn’t pick that call.
  2. Suppose, you are working on your laptop from 2-3 hours continuously and you are feeling tired. what will you do? Either you will stop work that time or may be think some other methods to do work.

Hope, you must have understood these both examples. Now, I am giving you an idea for tackle these problems. Here you have to use Elete Tpad touch keyboard. By using this device you can type documents and you can also pause your movie, play movie and increase/decrease volume. Elete Tpad comes with a touch-pad which can be used as mouse. It is compatible with PC and smart TV wirelessly with Auto link Technology. This mini keyboard is designed with 61 keys as well as 9 hot multimedia keys.

Review of Elete Tpad touch keyboard

Astrum Holdings has launched Elete Tpad touch keyboard.


Item No – Elete Tpad

Interface – USB  2.4 Ghz wireless

Technology – HD Optical 1000 dpi

Color – Red

Range – 6-10 meter for keyboard and mouse

Operation angle – 360 degrees

Buttons – 61 Qwerty standard keys + 8 multimedia

Battery – Type2 AAA alkaline

OS Support – Win 2000,XP, ME, VISTA, Win8, Android, IOS, Mac

Warranty – 1 Year

In the box:

Inside the box user get keyboard, a bluetooth device and two AAA batteries.


Performance & Design:

This keyboard works on 2.4 GHz wireless band and you can use this keyboard from 6-10 meter. This keyboard contains 61 Qwerty standard keys and 8 multimedia keys. Multimedia keys can be used to control various operations on your Laptop or smart TV. Now may be, you are thinking that this works with higher end operating systems, but it supports Win 2000, XP, ME, VISTA, Win8, Android, IOS and Mac operating systems. It comes with Auto link technology and 360 degrees Operation angle.
The auto link technology helps you get connected easily and by operation angle, you can operate or use this keyboard in comfortable manner. It also contains a power button, by using this button you can switch on or switch off keyboard. Battery life of this device is good. I have used this device from last 10-12 days and after it, I am writing this review. Battery never ended due to its auto power save mode.


Now I am going to tell you about size of this keyboard. It is small in size. All QWERTY standard keys and 8 multimedia keys are small. It is small in size, so you can keep it in your one hand. Keys are small in size, but if you ever used old feature phones, then you can easily type buttons.


This device comes with a bluetooth device. We have to insert that device first into USB port of our laptop then we can connect Elete Tpad touch keyboard with laptop. After it you can work according to your comfort.


Now we understood that Elete Tpad comes with a touch-pad which can be used as mouse. Elete Tpad touch keyboard is a good device for all teach savvy people and also professional people, who want to do their some work in comfort manner, like typing documents or pausing/playing movie. Elete Tpad comes with a MRP of Rs 1400/- and available ex-stock with Emporis Peripherals carry in 1 year warranty.

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