element14 offers new polymer capacitors from Panasonic for electronics design and production in Asia-Pacific

element14-logoNew Delhi, India, May 5, 2014: element14 has announced the addition of four new polymer capacitors from Panasonic to its range. The SP-Cap, POSCAPTM, OS-CONTM and Polymer Hybrid capacitors provide high efficiency and low ESR alternatives to traditional capacitors. The range, which benefits from lifetime extension as well as high safety and reliability is designed to maximise choice, adding to element14’s already extensive offering.

While all four capacitors offer high reliability and miniaturisation potential, they each provide their own individual specifications. These vary in terms of temperature range, voltage, endurance, and Ripple Current, allowing a much broader usage potential throughout the Panasonic range. While offering this wide variety of functions, each of the four capacitors is designed with a specific benefit –

  • SP-Cap: A market leader in Polymer Aluminium, offers super low ESR values (3mΩ) without voltage derating.
  • POSCAP: A market leader in Polymer Tantalum, offering high capacitance and a minimised (2.0 x 1.25mm) case size; a natural alternative to tantalum capacitors for digital, high-frequency devices
  • OS-CON: Designed for affordable long life usage while providing a high Ripple Current, voltage and capacitance.
  • Polymer Hybrid: A high voltage solution offering the combined advantages of Polymer and Lytic capacitors.

Marc Grange, Head of Product Marketing, element14 Asia-Pacific, said, “Panasonic is a leader in passives and we are pleased to add their new products to our comprehensive portfolio where customers get to review, compare and buy easily from our element14 sites. These new polymer capacitors offer improved functionalities and advantages.”

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