E-Vision launches EV WCPG Wireless Control Panel

E-Vision-EV-WCPG-Wireless-Control-PanelNew Delhi, India, August 11, 2014: E-Vision, the world’s leading provider of advanced surveillance products today announced the launch of EV WCPG Wireless Control Panel. The state-of-the-art module maximizes security investments by back up alarm communication of phone line, integrating access control, intrusion detection and fire detection into one system. Installation costs are reduced by eliminating the need to install additional wiring, panels and software. The EV WCPG Wireless Control Panel supports up to 16 wireless defense zones and 4 wired defense zones. The user can store up to 5 phone numbers and 3 SMS numbers, it automatically calls and sends message in case of emergency.

E-Vision designs and manufactures exceptional products that work when it matters most. It monitors home or business area from any place, at any time with phone. EV WCPG covers specific needs of customers, offers low production costs and innovative view to wireless technology, suitable for the end users or professionals. The device is fully autonomous and has DC12V storage battery capacity. It is ideal for high temperature and harsh environment. All set up information will be saved inside E2PROM without lose upon power failure.

CEO at E-Vision Vijay Shandilya said, “As more and more homes/residence or businesses are moving away from traditional phone lines, towards Voice over IP or mobile phones. As an alternate, delivery methods for alarm communication must be explored for security systems. Our E-Vision EV WCPG Wireless Alarm panel provides a flexible solution for both residential and commercial environments.” 


  • 16 wireless defense zones and 4 wired defense zones
  • Store 5 phone numbers and 3 SMS numbers
  • One-key-control function : Out Arm, Home Arm, Remote Arm
  • Alarm Volume : more than 100dB
  • Alarm time : 30 minutes
  • Receiving frequency: 315 MHz
  • Receiving distance : 300-1000m
  • Live Voice Monitor and Intercom by phone
  • AC220V external power output and in build DC12 V storage
  •  Information saves in E2PROM without lose upon power failure
  • 2 group settable automatic timing of arm/disarm, system power on/of. 

It comes with below given Compatible Accessories – 

  • Wireless PIR detector : RB- D50
  • Wired siren : RB-SPI 1
  • Wireless remote controller : RB- 30A
  • Wireless door sensor : RB-SWI
  • Emergency button : RB-EMI1
  • Wireless curtain : RB CU1
  • Wireless gas detector : RB-158
  • Wired detector : RB-DL801/802/803  

Price, Warranty and Availability

E-vision EV WCPG Wireless Control Panel comes with the MRP of Rs 12,000 and available ex-stock carrying 1year warranty

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