DIZO strengthens its product portfolio

DIZO announced the launch of two new TWS earbuds – DIZO GoPods and DIZO GoPods Neo, and another two new products – DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus and DIZO Hair Dryer under its smart care category. Aimed at consumers who embrace premium and trendy designs, and also demand the best product experience at the most competitive prices, whether to listen to music, playing online games, or taking those work calls, the DIZO GoPods and DIZO GoPods Neo will spoil them with the choices of their exciting features. The DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus and DIZO Hair Dryer on the other hand, have been designed to cater to our consumers’ grooming needs and is backed by ergonomic design and advanced features to perfectly sync with the fast-paced lives, millennials lead today.

DIZO, which forayed into the Indian markets in May 2021, has already launched 4 products – DIZO GoPods D, DIZO Wireless, DIZO Watch and two feature phones. The brand has received immense support and has been enjoying an overwhelming response in the Indian market. In fact, it also entered into the list of top 10 brands by Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) in the Flipkart hearables category in July 2021, which is a first time ever, for a new brand in this segment, to achieve this in a month’s time and that too with only two offerings – DIZO GoPods D and DIZO Wireless. With the launch of the new products, the brand aims to carve a niche for itself in the country’s growing market for audio wearables and smart care products.

Commenting on the launch of the products, Abhilash Panda, CEO, DIZO India, said, “We believe in introducing meaningful products that can improve lives of our consumers and provide them with the technology that meets their day-to-day needs and preferences. Keeping that in mind, we are launching two new options of TWS which come empowered with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). However, DIZO GoPods are meant for consumers who are looking for cutting-edge technology and premium design, while DIZO GoPods Neo is best suited for price sensitive consumers, who would prefer tech-heavy but trendy designs. The DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus and DIZO Hair Dryer – two very interesting products – are designed for those interested in great style, everlasting comfort coupled with value for money. The recent reports by IDC citing the growth of India’s wearables market by 144.3% year-on-year in CY2020 is a clear indication of the phenomenal demand of audio wearables and we endeavour to address the market needs very well through our immersive, best-in-class and differentiated product portfolio in the category.”


DIZO GoPods come with a host of exciting features, shaped profusely inside a premium design and sleek body comprising of earbuds that weigh just 4.1g and a case that weigh 34.5g. Boasting of its uncommon color contrasting design, they come in two colour variants – Smoky Grey and Creme White. Crafted using the electroplating technique and a five-step process that includes drip moulding with crystal adhesive, PET film lamination, UV transfer texture, optical coating and screen printing, the earbuds flaunt class-apart sheen to compliment the elegance in you. Further, they also offer a solid grip for the clumsy hands and also do not catch stains easily.

The ergonomically designed DIZO GoPods not just excel in the design department, but are also uber comfortable in the human ear, meant for longer hours of use. Apart from the design and comfort, they come with a promise of being one of the most feature-rich products in the TWS category. The earbuds offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology and the capability to reduce noise up to 25dB, which is a feature mostly available in expensive products in the market. The flagship TWS earbuds have a Transparency Mode as well that allows external voices to enter into the microphone. It means whenever users want to talk with people around, they can simply turn the transparency mode on, without having to actually take the earphones off. Additionally, there is Dual Mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) algorithm for calls that give users superb sound pick-up and helps in ambient noise reduction during calls.

Equipped with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) diaphragm, which is usually employed on expensive and more premium earbuds, they provide superior sound quality to listeners. Further, due to this, the speed of sound conduction and internal resistance can be balanced to get excellent audio at front and rear extensions, and high sensitivity and rapid response can accurately restore the sound.

Music lovers would definitely not want to compromise on the Bass, and DIZO has taken care of that too with a 10mm Hi-Fi Driver that fully leverages the power of large dynamic coil and DLC diaphragm. Also, the audio quality experts from DIZO and realme, who come with over 10 years of experience working in global audio brands, have worked together to provide an optimum Bass Boost+ algorithm.

Furthermore, the DIZO GoPods is installed with the Intelligent R2 chip that helps in optimizing the voice and music signals for ultra-low power consumption, stable connectivity and improved sound quality. They also support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for faster transmission speed, strong anti-interference ability, stable signal and low power consumption.

Complementing the exciting features, is the long-lasting music playback capability of upto 25-hours, that is each single earbud carries a 30mAh battery, and the charging case carries a 400mAh battery. Users can do a quick charge of 10 minutes as well, while they are getting ready to head out, and it will juice up the earbuds for up to 120 minutes of playback time.

What’s more? DIZO has taken care of the interests of gaming enthusiasts and binge-watchers too. The DIZO GoPods allow them to easily switch on the Game Mode with ultra-low latency – as low as 88ms! Whether they are playing their favourite games or watching a video, with the game mode on, there will be perfect sync between the audio and video to enhance their total entertainment experience. With IPX5 Water Resistance, these earbuds will keep going strong even through everyday accidental contact with water and sweat.

Along with Intelligent Touch Controls, Smart Wear Detection and Instant Connection, users can also use the realme Link App to personalize the settings, customize touch functions, upgrade firmware, adjust EQ (Bass, Dynamic, Bright), turn on/off the Game mode, ANC mode and do a lot more.

In terms of quality assurance, DIZO and realme have conducted several lab tests for the DIZO GoPods under strict conditions, which include 10,000X charging case open/ close test, 2,000X charging port stability tests, 5,000X charging port plug in/ out tests, 2,500X function button waterproof tests, 168 hours of high-temperature and high-humidity testing at 600C/ RH95%, and 168 hours of temperature testing at -200C/ 600C.

DIZO GoPods Neo

One of the highlights of DIZO GoPods Neo is its eye-catching and trendy design, but not to forget the other exciting features. The special UV printing, which is a first for DIZO product, with colourful mirror finish and optical diffuse reflection on the earbuds’ touchpad, beautifully enhances the style quotient in you. Available in Deep Blue and Aurora colour variants, the DIZO GoPods Neo also come with an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) up to 25dB allowing users to immerse themselves in music or work giving them an undisturbed experience. Besides this, it also features the Transparency Mode, which enables users to listen to the ambient sound or to the people around, and the Dual-mic Environment Noise Cancellation that significantly reduces the surrounding noise for your listener during a call.

Powered with a 10mm Driver and Bass Boost+ Algorithm, the DIZO GoPods Neo are designed to provide an engaging music experience, even the bass heavy music like rock concerts, anytime and anywhere. The earbuds come equipped with a 40mAh battery each earbud and a 400mAh battery in the charging case to give you non-stop playback of 7 hours and 28hrs of total playback along with the case, with a quick charge feature of 3 hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charge. The Game Mode with 88ms super-low latency ensures sync errors don’t come in the way of your gameplay or binge watching sessions.

The DIZO GoPods Neo features the latest Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, instant connection, intelligent touch controls and most importantly, is also supported by realme Link App for several customization options. The IPX5 Water Resistant certification ensures that the stylish DIZO GoPods Neo can also accompany you to your workout sessions at the gym or a quick run in the park. Weighing only 4.5g, the earbuds can be worn for long hours and the case, weighing only 36g, can be effortlessly carried around.

DIZO and realme have conducted thorough tests on the DIZO GoPods Neo, that include 20,000X charging case open/ close test, 5,000X charging port plug in/ out tests, 2,500X function button waterproof tests, 168 hours of high-temperature and high-humidity testing at 600C/ RH95%, and 168 hours of temperature testing at -200C/ 600C.

DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus

Designed in an ergonomic way, DIZO Beard Trimmer is comfortable to hold and can be easily controlled. The 420J2 stainless-steel material ensures the trimmer is rust resistant, durable, and long lasting. Armed with two self-sharpening blades, it gives a perfect trim size to upto 40 length setting adjustments starting from 0.5mm precision to a maximum of 20mm.

Promising you a longer, calmer and skin friendly trimming session, the blade temperature does not exceed 17°C even after 5 minutes of continuous use, and to avoid noise interference, it keeps to a low decibel level of below 68dB.

The IPX7 rated waterproof DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus, with its high capacity 800mAh battery, will give consumers upto 120 minutes of cordless use on a single charge. Equipped with a LED battery indicator, it accurately indicates the power status and reminds the user to charge it in advance. The special power supply technology ensures that it can be used even during charging, just in case the battery dies or if you forgot to charge it in a hurry. It uses the widely preferred Type-C charging port and works well with any adapter used for charging standard mobile phones.

Furthermore, the handy design means it is travel friendly and can easily be part of your toiletry kit. Travel lock ensures that it does not respond to accidental touches. With its advanced technologies, the DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus is a one-stop solution to multiple grooming challenges.

DIZO Hair Dryer

The DIZO Hair Dryer, designed with advanced technologies, is one of the finest products users can find to cater to their hair grooming needs. It comes with an advanced high-performance fan with a power of 1400W and fan speed of 19000rpm to provide super large air volume to the users and yet optimized to reduce noise to no more than 80db.  

The product is also equipped with Air Flow Concentrator attachment, to offer better shape to your hair and also provide higher wind speed at the same time. Apart from its impressive design, the DIZO Hair Dryer also offers two modes of warm air – gentle and powerful. The gentle gear provides comfortable wind and warm air between 50°C and 55°C, which is the optimum temperature to dry hair efficiently and hair health-wise. The powerful gear provides the intense and large wind force of 13.8m/s and warm air at 55℃ to 60℃, which can dry long hair within 5 minutes or less.

DIZO Hair Dryer is also devised to release 20 Million Negative Ions that can keep the hair healthy and lustrous. Equipped with V-0 flame-retardant ABS + PC high-grade materials, excellent thermal insulation structure, and 3-layer hair protection feature, the latest hair dryer by DIZO is extremely comfortable and safe to use.

Price, Availability and Offers

The DIZO GoPods, with its premium design and flagship features, will be available in two stunning colours – Smoky Grey and Creme White. Priced at INR 3,299, the TWS earbuds will be available on Flipkart starting September 06, 2021 12:00 PM onwards and soon on select retail stores. During the first sale on Flipkart, they will be sold at a special price of INR 2,999 only, for a limited period.

The DIZO GoPods Neo, with all the amazing features and trendy design, will be available in Deep Blue and Aurora colours. Priced at INR 2,499, the earbuds are scheduled for its first sale on Flipkart starting September 10, 2021 12:00 PM onwards and soon on select retail stores. During the first sale on Flipkart, they will be up for grabs at an introductory price of INR 2,299 only, for a limited period.

The DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus and DIZO Hair Dryer, both packed with superior functionalities and outstanding design, are priced at INR 1,999 each. They will be available on Flipkart from September 04, 2021 12:00 PM onwards and can be purchased at a special price offer of just INR 1,699 and INR 1,499, respectively, for a limited period.

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