Deloitte and AWS join forces to enable Indian customers address real-world challenges using generative AI

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP (Deloitte India) announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to deepen generative Artificial Intelligence (generative AI) driven innovations for Indian enterprises. Together with AWS, Deloitte India will enable customers across the financial services, consumer product groups, pharma, and automotive sectors, to solve challenges using technology.

The joint initiative with AWS will support Deloitte India’s long-term vision of expanding its generative AI practice to enable businesses implement and garner value for enhanced innovation and growth. Deloitte India will help clients explore and experiment with AWS generative AI technologies to develop solutions. These solutions aim to address organisational challenges, such as analysing and processing complex data, overcoming conversational barriers, and mitigating delays in delivering business impact caused by manual interventions. Together with AWS’s technology and Deloitte’s AI expertise, customers will be able to analyse extensive data volumes using foundation models. This collaboration will empower them to rapidly build and scale secure, cost-effective generative AI solutions.

Over the next six months, Deloitte aims to deliver client solutions built on AWS Cloud, using AWS generative AI technologies, including Amazon Bedrock. It is a fully managed service that makes foundational models available via an API, to drive productivity and uncover new ways to serve customers. These Proof Of Concepts (POC) will focus on use cases, such as semantic text exploration, content creation, image recognition, and code generation. POCs will combine technical evaluations and demonstrate the expected business value of generative AI solutions to potential customers of Deloitte and AWS.
Speaking on the announcement, Prashanth Kaddi, Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India, said, “There is a significant demand from organisations in India to explore generative AI to derive business value. By leveraging AWS’s AI and ML services, we are confident of providing meaningful and impact-based outcomes for our joint customers. We look forward to strengthening our strategic collaboration with AWS to deliver industry-focused solutions addressing real-world challenges.”

“Deloitte has been driving innovation for customers over many decades that makes it a trusted partner for its clients. We are excited for deepening our strategic collaboration with Deloitte and support the expansion of the firm’s generative AI practice. With Deloitte’s extensive industry expertise and AWS’s 20 years of AI and ML experience, we hope to take generative AI innovation to the next level, and democratise the technology for many customers across industries to develop solutions addressing their real-world needs”, said Anupam Mishra, head of technology and solution architecture for India and South Asia at AWS.

Deloitte stands committed to safe and responsible use of AI as it continues to scale up. Our trustworthy AI™ framework will enable businesses to establish essential safeguards and address competing ethical priorities through the phases of product development and operation.

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