Dell Launches Global Social Media Listening Centre in Bangalore

Bangalore, India, November 5, 2015: Dell today announced the launch of its Social Media Listening Centre in Bangalore, which will leverage technology to engage with customers, foster loyalty and build Dell’s brand image by increasing social responsiveness. The Centre in Bangalore will cater to all English-speaking markets globally and cover a diverse set of social media platforms in today’s interconnected world.

The Social Media Listening Centre will function as a centralized hub for Dell to listen to and engage with customers across social media platforms as well as gain insights to improve the customer experience. By enhancing its social media listening capabilities, Dell is better able to develop real-time customer insights, engage audiences and better understand its customers and the market. In today’s dynamic business environment, mobility and connectivity have empowered customers to expect quicker response times and engage more with brands.

The Listening Centre will help Dell improve the support experience with real-time engagement, strengthening customer loyalty and improving products based on feedback. Over the past year, Dell has been successfully working towards a one-hour-or-less response time on Facebook and Twitter. With the help of the new Listening Centre, Dell will be expanding this expedited response time beyond those two platforms.

Douglas Schmitt, vice president, Global Support & Deployment, Dell, said, “Dell India has played a key role in our customer support journey since 2001. We are very excited to launch our Global Social Media Listening Centre in Bangalore to help support our English speaking customers in the social media space. Building on our own leadership and experience using social media, coupled with our deep understanding of our customers’ business needs and IT environments, we are in a unique position to help our customers worldwide, responding quickly to customers needing assistance.”

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