Dell India – Forecast for 2015

Director-&-General-Manager-of-Dell-Software-Murli-Mohan2014 was a good year for Indian IT companies in terms of financial performance, mostly impacted by the enhanced quality of service offerings, steady pricing milieu, etc. While Indian IT companies continued to move up the value chain, year 2015 will be bringing additional value to their business by giving them an opportunity to engage more closely with their customers and clients. 

Today, in the Indian IT realm, opportunities are swarming up for enterprises to drive value for their business. All that they need to do is look for a right solution that will make their business more agile, help them continue innovation which will further keep them ahead of the competition curve. But for organizations to truly fulfill the promise of IT, they have to efficiently manage their myriad pitfalls and intricacies. 

According to IDC, the India software market will grow at a CAGR of 10.3% over the five year forecast period (2014-2018). Primary factors that are anticipated to drive the software market are security software, system software, enterprise applications and analytics, which will remain to hold paramount importance for enterprises in terms of IT investments. With the advent of a new government which is promulgating technology investment to accelerate development, enterprise IT initiatives will receive a colossal impetus, driving software investments, starting last quarter of 2014. 

Authored by:- Murli Mohan, Director & General Manager of Dell Software 

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