Dell announces three new modules for the PowerEdge FX portfolio

Bengaluru, India, April 20, 2015: Dell, the world’s fastest-growing large integrated IT Company, today announced three new modules for the PowerEdge FX portfolio to help organizations quickly configure complete workloads using modular building blocks of IT resources. The company also announced that this month they are celebrating the 20-year anniversary of PowerEdge servers, its evolution and role in successfully serving customers over the last twenty years.

“With PowerEdge FX, Dell gives customers more freedom than ever to build the converged infrastructure they need to solve business needs of today and into the future,” said Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, vice president and general manager, Dell Server Solutions. “By providing customers greater business agility and offering even more ways to optimize the building blocks of server, storage and networking to their workloads, we will continue to build on the great momentum we have seen to date with customers, partners and influencers.” 

Manish Gupta, Director, Enterprise Solutions Group, Dell India said: “The strength of Dell’s PowerEdge has always been in its design, innovated over time to address customer requirements and IT trends. The new FX products package convenience for customers by addressing their need for flexibility and customization. The products allow customers to configure solutions using building blocks of IT while at the same time giving them the choice for systems management. The product has a distinct edge over competition; customers can now host 72 percent more users in 10 times less space with the new PowerEdge FX2 modules than the Cisco UCS. In a market like India where IT budgets are fairly tight, this provides the optimum server solution to address their workload demands, while still allowing the option of scaling up if necessary in the future.” 

The company began its journey with PowerEdge servers in 1995, when five percent of the company’s revenue came from server sales and Dell had just three percent market share, ranking seventh in server unit shipments. Fast forward to today and Dell holds the No. 2 position in the global x86 server market – a market that has grown more than 600 percent since 1996. Dell currently has 21 percent unit share, is the only top-three server vendor to gain worldwide unit share year over year, and is growing its server portfolio at more than two times the pace of the industry with customer-inspired innovations such as PowerEdge FX propelling the company forward.

In India, the company has consistently been among the top 3 in the x-86 server market over the last year and recorded the #1 position for Q32014 in terms of revenue generated, as per IDC’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly x86 Strategist Server Tracker for 2014. Dell’s future-ready and customer centric approach has worked well and the company has successfully served customers including Flipkart, MakemyTrip, Hirotec, Chitale Dairy and UST Global.

Dell PowerEdge FX portfolio expanded for further infrastructure flexibility

The Dell PowerEdge FX portfolio will include three new modules to offer enterprises even more options for changing application demands. This gives customers even more ability to add or swap IT building blocks –into a 2U converged infrastructure chassis.

The new building blocks include:

  • PowerEdge FD332, a half-width storage block that provides up to 16 direct-attached small form factor (SFF) storage devices (meaning customers can provision up to 48 SFF storage devices in a 2U FX2 chassis) that enables dense, highly-flexible, scale-out solutions. PowerEdge FX servers can be attached to a single FD332 or multiple FD332s, allowing customers to combine servers and storage in a wide variety of configurations to address specific processing needs.
  • PowerEdge FC430, a quarter-width, half-height server block that has the ability to host applications in smaller, physically discrete servers to minimize the risk of system failures. With the FC430 organizations can host more than 72 percent more virtual desktop users in 10 times less space than Cisco UCS(5)for better total cost of ownership. The FC430 features Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors, with up to 8 memory DIMMs and it has two versions – one with up to two 1.8-inch SATA flash drives that is ideal for mainstream enterprise workloads and distributed environments needing higher levels of reliability; and another with one 1.8-inch drive and an InfiniBand port that is ideal for applications needing lower levels of latency such as HPC and high frequency trading.
  • PowerEdge FC830, a full-width, half-height 4-socket server block that runs a wide range of database driven, mission critical applications for midsize and large businesses.  The FC830 is powered by up to four next-generation multi-core Intel Xeon processors, has 3TB of memory, up to 8 PCIe expansion slots, up to sixteen 1.8-inch SATA flash drives or eight 2.5-inch drives, a dual-port 10Gb SNA and support for Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs. The combination of performance and data access also makes this server ideal for large-scale virtualization or the database tier of WebTech and HPC environments.

PowerEdge FX is designed with integrated management capabilities that allow customers to easily configure, manage and add capacity to complete workload-specific blocks of IT resources. Customers can choose the systems management style that best fits their needs – by managing servers individually like traditional rack servers or managing collectively as many do with blade servers. 

Dell PowerEdge servers

Availability and Additional Information:

  • The Dell PowerEdge FC430 and FD332 are available around the world today
  • The Dell PowerEdge FC830 will be available in June 2015

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