Data Backup and Recovery among the top priorities for Indian organizations: Commvault Survey

Commvault sponsored research conducted by the leading market research firm, IDC on the challenges faced by Indian organizations arising out of the massive data sprawl and storing and securing the business data in the hybrid cloud era. The IDC Spotlight, commissioned by Commvault, on Modernizing Data Management in the Hybrid Cloud Era with SaaS Data Protection, aimed at identifying the top priorities enterprises are looking at to thrive in the new normal, revealed that 71% (percent) of organizations cited data backup/data recovery as their number one priority for cloud investments for the next two years.

The research also revealed that Cloud-based data recovery is among the key priorities for India enterprises as it helps them effectively deal with multiple issues of traditional backup and recovery solutions such as inability to scale up or down, lack of pay-as-you-go pricing model, or absence of data storage across multiple geographic locations, to name a few.

Ransomware emerged as the biggest challenge during the pandemic due to accelerated digital transformation. About 37% of organizations stated that their sensitive or secret data was exfiltrated while 53% of the respondents mentioned that ransom was paid, but 49% of organizations were still unable to access systems or data as it was blocked for a few days. The study also highlighted that 20% of organizations were forced to pay a ransom amount between US$25,001 to US$50,000.

“India has been one of the worst victims of ransomware attacks in the past few years. It is imperative for business leaders to therefore invest in a right data partner who can support the organization with powerful and comprehensive multi-layered protection and provide advanced detection and rapid recovery from data breaches and security threats. The hybrid cloud era is here to stay and an advanced data management solution with SaaS data protection capabilities will be the key to a resilient future,” said Balaji Rao, Area Vice President, India and SAARC, Commvault.

With organizational data volume increasing at an exponential rate, the ability to quickly recover important data is mission-critical for enterprises. The study cited that over 28% of enterprises will have multiple private and/or public cloud environments and migrate workloads and data between them by 2023. In addition, some enterprises are looking to shift their public cloud workloads to a hosted or non-cloud environment for better performance, security, availability, and control.

All of this means that organizations must focus on implementing effective data resilience strategies through a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy for hybrid and multi cloud environments.

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