Corsair PSUs witness 96% Growth in 2013

Corsair-logoBangalore, India, March 24, 2014: Corsair, a player in high-performance components to the PC hardware market, has announced that its PSU segment has recorded 96% growth in 2013.While the IT industry was experiencing the downslide of 8% in2013, Corsair PSUs strongly upheld its top position against the competition by bringing innovative products first to the market. Corsair entry level VS series PSU was the biggest contributor. Corsair recently revamped its PSU range by replacing GS Series with a stronger CSM and the TX & HX Series by the silent RM series.

With the negative vibes across that IT industry, Corsair saw strong and steady growth in PSUs with further consolidation of PSU brands as well as introducing updated modular PSUs in the CSM and RM series. These PSUs are totally modular and are ’80 PLUSGold’ certified which israted with a high mind share among gaming enthusiasts.

Corsair is expecting to increase its market share further in the PSUs and cabinetsegments in 2014. It has planned to launch India specific PSUs and cabinets with excellent features to attain the expected growth. Corsair’s new modular PSUs, CSM and RM series are also well accepted by enthusiasts, where in the CSM series ensures efficient functioning and RM series is known for its quiet performance.

Country Manager at Corsair Memory Mannan said, “Corsair always has an ear for its customers and are always the first to come out with new innovative products which are then followed by competitors.We are proud that we have shown remarkable growth in the difficult times, when the entire IT industry was sinking down, we were steadily growing with our constant effort s and push to address the customer needs with our high quality PSUs and cases. We are thankfulto Corsair team and Aditya Infotech for the effort put in, they have been the major contributors for this success.”

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