“Cloud is no longer a buzz word for large corporate customers, but a business essential” – Mr. Lakshmi Emuri, Senior Delivery Head – Verizon Data Services India

Mr. Lakshmi Emuri, Senior Delivery Head – Verizon Data Services India shares his views with Technuter.com:

Senior-Delivery-Head-Verizon-Data-Services-India-Lakshmi-EmuriCould you provide us with a brief about your responsibilities at VDS India? 

As a member of the leadership team at Verizon Data Services India, I am primarily responsible for Service Delivery, which includes IT Delivery and Operations for Verizon Cloud Services, Telematics and Security Solutions, and the associated development groups within Verizon Enterprise Solutions (VES) in India. 

Which has been your most memorable assignment till date?

My current role, which entails managing Cloud and Security Operations, along with three development teams for VES, is very exciting. This role places me in a unique position to get an end –to-end view of the product life cycle. This, in turn, helps me leverage the synergies between the development and operations teams, thereby ensuring the organization benefits from a robust DevOps model.

What trends do you foresee in areas such as Cloud Computing and Telematics?   

Cloud is no longer a buzz word for large corporate customers, but a business essential. A majority of enterprises are spending more on the cloud to move their external facing applications into the cloud in the next few years. As a driver of greater business agility, the cloud is now a key enabler to improve the experience of end-users in the way it reduces time-to-market, supports a scalable environment, maintains service availability and helps introduce new applications. With more and more organizations adopting the cloud model, addressing data security concerns and compliance requirements in keeping  with global regulations will remain a business imperative. With an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020 worldwide, connected machines are becoming the eyes and ears of an enterprise. Using Cloud, Security Certificates, Sensors, Mobility and Network Technologies, enterprises are finding new ways to gather powerful insights and use new forms of data. These new technologies, along with social media integration, will continue to enrich lives. We see this happening now around us in the way  Telematics enables connected cars to avoid traffic congestion or the way it enables  the calling of emergency numbers in case of an accident. 

Given your experience in leading teams and ensuring customer satisfaction, what advice would you give prospective IT managers in India? 

While continuing to retain focus on cost-effective and timely delivery, IT managers need to stay current with the fast changing trends in technology and the needs of their businesses. IT managers need to foresee the future and think strategically to align themselves with their businesses to create value for customers, shareholders and employees.  This requires a mindset change for IT leaders from just owning the transactional and technology outcomes to owning the business outcomes.

 What is your message to the IT and Tech community?

We cannot have a vision of IT independent of business and society. We must be the early adopters of technology and understand our businesses in detail to solve larger problems previously thought to be outside of IT’s scope.  

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