“Cigniti SMART Tools are cloud enabled with Pay As you Go Model service options”- Sai Chintala- SVP, Global Presales and Enterprise Solutions,Cigniti Technologies

 Mr. Sai Chintala- SVP, Global Presales and Enterprise Solutions,Cigniti Technologies

Sai-Chintala-SVP-Global-Presales-and-Enterprise-Solutions-Cigniti-TechnologiesCould you please tell us about Cigniti Technologies Limited?

Cigniti Technologies is the World’s 3rd largest Independent Software Testing Services Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Cigniti’s test offerings include TCoE, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Testing on Cloud, Big Data Testing, Functional, Automation, Security and Performance Testing services. Over the last 15 years, Cigniti has helped Enterprises and ISVs across verticals build quality software while improving time to market and reducing cost of quality. Cigniti has translated its R&D into Cigniti SMART Tools that accelerate testing and help improve the quality of services delivered to clients.

Recognized as a leader in IP led testing services by industry analysts like Nelson Hall and Gartner, Cigniti operates out of 1,00,000 sqft of office space spread across Hyderabad, Dallas and Toronto. Cigniti has India’s first of its kind Robotics Test Labs, HP co-branded mobile test lab and a world class performance test lab. Cigniti has strategic alliances with the leading product, tool and technology vendors. Cigniti’s CSR initiative Project Cignificance aims to impact 1 million+ lives through education as an enabler.

What are latest industry standards and testing methodologies?

Cigniti is the world’s first Independent Software Testing Services Company rated at CMMI SVC1.3 maturity level 3 and is an ISO 27001:2005 certified organization.

We adhere to most of the world’s latest industry standards.  We follow flexible models for testing engagements:


 What and How many types of testing services are offered by Cigniti Technologies?

Cigniti’s test offerings include TCoE, Enterprise Mobility Testing, Testing on Cloud, Big Data Testing, Test Advisory Services, Functional, Automation, Security, Regression, Compatibility, Globalization and Performance Testing services.


 Could you please tell us about Cigniti’s “Core Testing Areas” and “Specialized Testing Solutions”?

Core testing areas are as mentioned above. Our specialized offerings include:

  •       IP led services to accelerate QA efforts
  •      Delivered by career testers who are passionate about testing
  •      Tiered governance centered around Customer Satisfaction
  •      Powered by Cigniti Test Methodology (built with decade of experience & industry best practices)
  •      ISTQB & PMP certified professionals
  •      Dedicated R&D team fostering innovation and thought leadership

 What is Predict Quality Test Methodology for QA?

Predict Quality Methodology is a combination of models, tools and techniques that takes various measurements such as test effort planning, testing schedule, test coverage, test effectiveness during project execution as input. Combining these inputs with historical and benchmark data, Predict Quality creates lead indicators that help predict product quality, testing schedules, expected residual defects and testing costs. This proprietary methodology helps improve quality of software delivered while reducing testing time and costs.

Predict Quality provides visibility, quality and value to project stakeholders. The visibility provides an opportunity to proactively prioritize resources, effort and costs of testing to deliver software with great quality. When it comes to software quality, knowledge is power.

Could you please tell us about Cigniti testing tools and how it works?

Some of the key features of Cigniti’s testing tools are:

  •      Test Engineering ideas translated into Smart Tools
  •      Built leveraging a decade of experience addressing industry challenges
  •     Point solutions for gaps that are not addressed by the market tools
  •     Seamless Integration with leading market tools
  •    Pro Agile & Test Driven Development
  •    Cloud-enabled with Pay-As-you-Go model
  •    Jumpstarts test efforts with quicker ROI 

What is Cigniti’s Smart Tools and Cloud Enabled test labs?

Cigniti SMART Tools

Analyze business needs, Automate test efforts and Accelerate release cycles

Over the last decade, there has been a lot of transformation in the philosophy of testing as a whole new breed of tools have invaded the testing community. However, conventional tools still do not address gaps that are not big enough yet cannot be ignored. In addition to the gaps, we understand your requirements are unique but market tools provide generic solutions which need a lot of customization. Cigniti has built a set of tools to address these needs, gaps and challenges.

With over a decade of experience serving Fortune 500 companies, Cigniti has witnessed several redundancies and inefficiencies in test life cycle. Cigniti translated its experience & expertise into tools, point solutions and frameworks to jump start QA efforts & realize quicker ROI. Cigniti SMART Tools are cloud enabled with Pay As you Go Model service options.

Could you please tell us about Test Advisory Services (TAS)?

Cigniti’s Test Advisory Services (TAS) is a professional consulting engagement executed by skilled consultants in the domain of Industry, IT, Technology & Process. Consulting engagement is a short stint involving review & analysis of the testing practices and measurement data resulting in

  •   Best possible solution for a given business challenge or a Scenario
  •  Accelerate in attaining the business objectives
  • Organization Maturity Rating, Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement
  • High visibility in organizations process from Inception to Delivery of solutions
  • Phased Roadmap for target maturity and sustainable improvements
  • Helps organization to attain a higher level of Process Maturity 

 As you are a growing security testing provider, please tell us about your R&D team and department?

Cigniti’s security testing experts have been exploring and finding loopholes / defects / vulnerabilities in the leading mobile and web apps including Mail Chimp, Get Base, LinkedIn etc. (a total of 32 applications so far). Upon finding a loophole in the app the team goes to that company website and follows the procedure given to report the findings. Upon verification and fixing of the defect the companies would get back with a confirmation.

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