Canon rolls out colour production cutsheet press series

Gurgaon, India, September 4, 2014: Canon India Pvt. Ltd, a leading Digital Imaging company has announced the launch of a new colour production cutsheet press series as part of their continued efforts to empower print service providers (PSPs) to cater to the print industry’s ever-evolving needs.

With technology derived from the award-winning Canon series, the 80ppm C800 and 70ppm C700 deliver excellent print quality, enhance productivity and enable versatility in both commercial and in-house print environments.


Speaking on the launch, Alok Bharadwaj, Executive Vice-President of Canon India said, “We are delighted to launch the new C800 series in India. The digital commercial printing market is rapidly developing in India with an annual growth of over 12%. Canon entered in the commercial printing domain in 2007 and has come a long way in creating a trustworthy relationship with it’s over 360 customers.”

“Canon professional printing product division is registering over 25% annual growth and is the fastest growing business of Canon in India. It is doubling every three years and is expected to be a 200 crore business by 2016 .The new C800 series  will be the major driver for  expansion as we aim to achieve 30% market share in the  category of cut sheet commercial production printing by 2016”. Alok Bharadwaj further added

Speaking on the launch, Puneet Datta, Director, Professional Printing Products Division, Canon India said, “Today we have launched the new imagePRESS C800 series in India in the presence of our commercial printing customers.  The new imagePRESS series features powerful and innovative technologies that offer the highest quality, productivity and reliability, to meet the requirements of commercial print environments. We’re confident that the combination of the imagePRESS brand name and the outstanding capabilities of the new series will make it a very attractive proposition for the market.  With this revolutionary product we are set to increase our direct sales and service readily in a phase wise manner to the top 50 digital printing cities in India.” 

The imagePRESS C800 multifunction printer has a MRP of INR 47.5lakhs.

The imagePRESS C700 multifunction printer has a MRP of INR 44.5lakhs.

Empowered with Versatility

The imagePRESS C800 is capable of handling a wide variety of media, such as heavyweight coated stock and envelopes. This is attributed to the Elastic Intermediate Transfer Belt, which allows it to produce extensive applications on uneven media, such as textured or recycled media.

Additionally, imagePRESS C800 operates effortlessly be it short runs or even complex variable data printing for personalised print communications.

An extensive choice of automated in-line finishing capabilities for series ensures end-to-end productivity and opens up a wide range of business opportunities with minimal manual intervention, generating time and cost efficiencies with every print job. For maximum flexibility, the C800 series is also compatible with various third party in-line finishing devices.

Impressive Print Quality

To help customers exceed the requirements of print jobs in the industry today, the C800 series utilizes a 32 beam Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) unit with multi-exposure technology to deliver vivid detail and resolution of up to 2,400 x 2,400 dpi.

Beyond excellent print resolution, the new Auto Correct Colour Tone (ACCT) allows for multi-dimensional mixed colour calibration, while an upgraded and user-friendly colour calibration tool, the Auto Gradation Adjustment (AGA) helps PSPs deliver on uncompromised quality with the most vibrant images and text.

Outstanding Performance in Precision and Consistency

The newly developed Consistently Vivid (CV) technology allows for improved transfer efficiency for enhanced colour consistency and accuracy across various mediums of media, such as embossed paper and paper with irregular surfaces.

In complementing the CV technology, the Compact Registration Technology (CRT) ensures that every single image is placed at the same spot on every sheet, granting precision alignment even for print jobs that scale up to the thousands.

Maximized Productivity and Efficiency

The C800 series is capable of achieving high production speeds of up to 80 impressions per minute (ipm) across varying types of media, and achieve the fastest possible speed on heavy stock up to 220 grams per square metre (gsm) without compromising print quality.

When handling heavy weight media of up to 300 gsm, the C800 series can produce duplex print jobs with highly accurate front to back registration without any manual intervention or impact on print room productivity.

The device also features a new multi-drawer paper deck with three new technologies, which prevents misfeeds, even with coated stock. New materials within the system, a new separation control system and a system that blows air at varying speeds depending on the weight of the paper eliminates paper jams to maximise device up-time, hence enhancing print room efficiency and productivity.

Finally, the in-built innovative induction heating and cooling technology enables the device to intelligently moderate its internal temperature to optimize productivity with mixed media jobs.

Customized Workflows to Suit any Print Environment

The C800 series features three innovative workflows to accommodate the different needs of in-house print and graphic arts environments. The Canon Printer Kit B1 allows for easy production of high-quality print jobs and Server F200 and Server G100, two new digital front ends (DFEs) offer faster processing, unsurpassed image quality and easy-to-use, and automated workflows.

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