Canon India expectations from the new government

Quote from Mr. Puneet Datta, Director, Professional Printing Products (PPP) group, Canon India on his expectations from the new Government in the IT industry:

Director-Professional-Printing-Products-(PPP)-group-Canon-India-Puneet-DattaI would like to congratulate Mr. Narendra Modi and the BJP government on their historic win. We are looking forward to a more amiable and transparent government that will implement business friendly policies like GST to enable business growth. Stabilisation of the currency and fuelling of the consumer spending are areas that we are sure the government would be already looking into for getting the economy back on track. The present scenario looks positive, so we are optimistic that the new government will implement change which is good for the industry growth. We would like to request the government to consider recognising “printing” as an industry that could enable another revenue stream for outsourcing as well as manufacturing in India. Wishing them all the very best.

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