CA World 2014: CA Technologies CEO Challenges Business and Technology Leaders to Build New Capability to Compete in the Application Economy

CA-Technologies-logoNew Delhi, India, November 11, 2014: CA WORLD ’14 — CA Technologies  CEO Mike Gregoire kicked off CA World ’14 with a keynote address to thousands of customers and partners from around the world.  In his address, he discussed the new business imperatives for companies in the Application Economy and challenged technology and business leaders to move quickly to focus their companies and build for a future driven by software.

The Application Economy is redefining the rules of business 

Applications now define a business’ relationship with its customers and fuel the productivity of its employees. Gregoire discussed the new dynamics of the Application Economy and the important changes that enterprises must plan for to drive their continued success.

“The Application Economy is tearing down old notions; breaking apart yesterday’s models; reshaping the landscape.  In every market and in every industry, customers are looking at their business in new ways: leveraging the power of software to reinvent, create advantage, and drive growth. 

We now live in a world where customers are no longer just loyal to the brand or product or service. Instead, they are loyal to the complete experience a brand delivers.  And that experience is delivered by software. Software is the business. 

We are on the verge of a shift.  Not a gentle evolution but a fundamental transformation of business, of society and life.”

New solutions to drive customer competitiveness and long-term success

Gregoire highlighted the three imperatives businesses must address in the Application Economy and the comprehensive portfolio of new and enhanced solutions from CA that will power future success for customers:

1.       Accelerate high-quality innovation across the enterprise:

“Customers need to innovate.  Fast.  They need to deliver new applications—from design to launch—rapidly, seamlessly, and predictably.  Not in weeks or months—but sometimes in days, and increasingly…in hours.” 

“Today, CA is extending its leadership in DevOps with a comprehensive portfolio.  A portfolio that helps you develop and introduce innovations faster than ever before.  This helps balance two competing forces, innovation and execution.  Without the need to sacrifice quality or efficiency.”

CA DevOps <LINK> portfolio is driving faster, higher quality application development, deployment and management by effectively unifying IT development and operations teams.

2.       Security that enables business, with identity-based solutions that create a frictionless user-experience:

“Security is at the heart of your business. But let me be clear – this isn’t about keeping people out.  It’s about providing the right access to the right users, at the right time, with the least amount of friction.”

CA’s identity-based Security <LINK> solutions deliver seamless protection, from the user access-point to the API and the backend data – while maintaining an exceptional end-user experience.

New API Management and Security <LINK> solutions and enhancements help enterprises leverage their APIs to rapidly create new, high-quality applications and drive new revenue sources.

“…we live in a development world driven increasingly by APIs.  These are the building blocks of an Application Economy. You have to manage them, open new development environments, and attract a community of developers.  We are announcing new API offerings that allow you to open your Enterprise to the Internet of Things. To meet customer demand.  Innovate with confidence.  Monetize with speed.

3.       Manage the rapidly expanding IT portfolio – and transform growing complexity into business value:

“Third, managing the enormous growth of your IT environment.  We built the Management Cloud to transform this complexity into business opportunity.  To help you take control of this environment. Tomorrow – it will expand with such velocity that it threatens the integrity of your business. We’re ready.  From decision support to service management.  For the power-user up to the C-suite.  We are going to help you manage IT like a business – and create value across the enterprise.” 

CA Management Cloud <LINK> is a broad portfolio of solutions, built for speed, to manage growing IT portfolio complexity, with rapid time-to-value and a modern, mobile user experience.

Gregoire concluded his remarks with a final call to action to business and technology leaders 

“(The Application Economy) will disrupt the way you are structured and managed.  And it will turn yesterday’s conventional wisdom on its head.   When you embrace this future… the rewards will be outstanding.” 

“Some people watch change as it goes by. Others participate in it. Those of us in this room– we get to lead it. To become the architects of the new Application Economy.”

CA World ’14 takes place at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas from November 10-12.  The company is showcasing breakthrough solutions for DevOps, Security and the Management Cloud that create competitive advantage for businesses in the application economy.

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