CA Technologies Unified Monitoring helps IT Organizations focus on customer experience

CA-Technologies-logoNew Delhi, India, April 30, 2014: CA Technologies has announced the latest release of CA Nimsoft Monitor, its unified solution for monitoring and managing IT technologies and services. Enhancements to CA Nimsoft Monitor further expand infrastructure visibility and improve staff productivity so that IT organizations can focus more on the experience of their customers.

In the race to deliver new applications that drive revenue and differentiated customer experiences, IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex. Many IT operations teams are struggling to make sense of infrastructure performance data from a number of disparate tools, and as a result, take a reactive approach to infrastructure management.

CA Nimsoft Monitor delivers comprehensive IT monitoring that enables IT organizations to take a more proactive approach to infrastructure management and be better equipped to manage the explosion of applications and capabilities that will help grow their business. With better visibility and insight of their infrastructure, IT teams can closely monitor infrastructure performance, access critical metrics and data, and take proactive corrective steps to maintain maximum customer and end-user satisfaction.

“We chose CA Nimsoft Monitor so that we could eliminate point monitoring tools that were more difficult to use,” said Florence Burnoud, head of Service Assurance, Bull. “The solution also gives us the ability to go beyond traditional monitoring of the infrastructure and better focus our efforts on monitoring the applications and measure the experience of our users. It also enables us to give our customers the single, unified view of all of their IT services that they demand.”

CA Nimsoft Monitor provides comprehensive and proactive IT monitoring coverage through a single, unified architecture that supports traditional data centers, and virtualization and cloud environments. It is simple to use and has a lightweight footprint that delivers the scalability and multi-tenancy required by enterprises and managed service providers. IT operations teams can quickly adopt and manage new customer-centric services, applications and technologies to help grow their businesses by taking advantage of its unique “plug and play” architecture.

“In today’s app-driven economy, businesses are putting the customer experience, and the success or failure of their brands, in the hands of IT teams. IT leaders can no longer be satisfied cobbling together dozens of tools to monitor the health of their infrastructure—the critical foundation that powers these apps and services,” said Stephen Miles, VP, Services Assurance, APJ. “CA Nimsoft Monitor helps IT pros to spend less time managing their management tools and more time delivering the best customer experience possible.”

The latest release of CA Nimsoft Monitor enhances capabilities such as performance trending and root cause analysis; intuitive, sophisticated reports and dashboards; and out-of-the-box custom monitoring. It also offers:

• Tablet-friendly HTML5 custom dashboards designed for easy set up and viewable in HTML5 enabled browsers and on a range of mobile devices, providing a complete view of the infrastructure and customer service data.
• Dynamic thresholds to limit alarms to those that matter most to improve staff productivity and minimize false alarms.
• Maintenance mode to suppress alarms across the monitoring environment for when devices are down during scheduled maintenance.

“Many IT organizations are stuck in reactive IT monitoring approaches, centered on trying to sort through information coming from far too many point tools. Too often, the focus is on assigning blame rather than working together to solve the problem,” said Jim Frey, vice president, research, EMA. “A unified IT monitoring solution like CA Nimsoft Monitor helps operations teams focus instead on what should be the common goal for all – internal/external customer experience and satisfaction – and to make the shift towards increasingly proactive and preventative practices.”

The new release of CA Nimsoft Monitor also delivers VMware vSphere performance views that provide data related to vSphere hosts, guests and Virtual Center management systems within a single interface. In addition to English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, CA Nimsoft Monitor is now also available in German and Korean.

CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap

A new release of CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap – a feature-rich version of CA Nimsoft Monitor – is also available.New capabilities include dynamic thresholds, maintenance mode, VMware vSphere performance views, as well as support for additional applications, databases, and storage devices such as JBoss, Oracle and VMAX. It is also now available in German and Korean languages. CA Nimsoft Monitor Snap is free for up to 30 monitored devices, each with unlimited monitors.

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