Build your Personal Cloud with Thecus and Pydio

Personal-Cloud-with-Thecus-and-PydioMumbai, India, May 13, 2014: Apical, distributor for solution based product line, has announced that Network attached storage expert Thecus® NAS servers now offers users to build their personal cloud with Thecus and Pydio.

Installing Pydio on your Thecus NAS transforms your device into a powerful file-sharing platform, creating a great alternative to Dropbox for those looking for greater data privacy. The files are stored with unknown software, procedures, and possible security flaws. Additionally, with sensitive and personal data hosted on foreign soil, local laws are not necessarily respected. Access rights and system reporting regularly do not comply with more stringent security protocols. Freemium software as a service (SaaS) offerings, including cloud computing, are free for individuals, but costs quickly ramp up for businesses.

Pydio is an open source file sharing platform for enterprises. It features a simple and sleek web and mobile app, and hosting is securely located on the private server. As easy to use as other great consumer software, Pydio is designed to provide enterprise-grade security and control.

Forever free for the community, a commercial offering is available for businesses with bundled professional support, branding, white-labeling and simplified bring your own device (BYOD) deployment for mobile users.

Other Pydio features include the File sharing, web access, mobile access, search, alerts, branding and white-labeling of your company name, compatibility with various directories, flawless security, and widespread system compliance.

The Pydio module is available on the Thecus Forum and on the Thecus App Center.

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