#Budget2016: Post Budget 2016 reaction by Mr. Sumit Sood, MD, GlobalLogic India

We welcome the Government’s plan to launch a mission to provide Digital Literacy for rural India, as it is a very forward looking move. One that will take the country closer to the goals of Digital India. The drive which will bring about 6 crore rural households under the umbrella of being digitally literate in the coming three years is definitely going to put India on the road to becoming an economic power. In addition, the move to create a digital repository for all school leaving certificates and diplomas will give the education system an edge it had hitherto lacked. Moving away from a paper-dependent to a digital-led system is a hallmark of all modern economies.

With significant attention on start-ups and Digital India, in the Budget, the Government has focused on tier-2 cities by providing higher budget allocation. This includes subsidies for infrastructural development and internet penetration. We believe that these steps provide a stronger thrust to the Digital India vision of the government. The Budget also reflects the Government’s increased focus on technology to support India’s economic growth.

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