Broadcom STB and Cable Modem Roadshow 2014

Broadcom Innovations Power Next-Generation Smart Set-TopBoxes

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  • Broadcom 4K Ultra HD: A slew of recent 4K launches in India in tandem with the rest of the world clearly makes India a cutting-edge technology adopter putting the country prominently on the global technology roadmap. Ultra HD TV technology represents a significant leap forward in picture quality. According to Digitimes Research, Ultra HD TV panel shipments are expected to increase 475 percent in 2014.


A leader in 4K technology with its distinctive 4kp60 decode and 10-Bitcolor display, Broadcom is making Ultra HD a reality, enabling a dramatic improvement in the live action viewing experience and beyond.

Broadcom powered live broadcasts of the 2014 World Cup in 4K Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD), delivering the most realistic on-screen experience to sports enthusiasts across South America –a first for a major global sporting event.

Broadcom’s advanced technology delivers vivid live-action viewing with 60 frames-per-second resolution (4Kp60) which provides 2x the speeds of current displays for fluid, life-like movement and includes a 10-bit color display to deliver deeper, richer color gradation. The combination of improved picture quality and color clarity is ideal for live-action viewing such as major sporting events and in-home theatrical content.Ultra HD delivers a much greater array of colors and sharper contrast, especially in the large-screen format, providing viewers with a feeling of being completely immersed in the action on the screen.

Ultra HD filming, transmission and broadcast requires a significant increase in bandwidth. Broadcom’s Ultra HD video decoder solutions, with integrated high-efficiency video codec (HEVC) technology, reduces bandwidth usage by 50 percent, allowing users to download Ultra HD content in half the time.

Key Features of the Broadcom BCM7252 Ultra HD SoC:

  • High-performance dual-core Brahma15 10000 DMIP CPU
  • 2180p60 or dual 1080p60 decode and transcode capabilities
  • Integrated high-performance connectivity peripherals, such as USB 3.0, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet and MoCA 2.0
  • Enables more efficient operator content delivery for increased footprint, higher resolution or additional channels
  • Enhances quality and quantity of over-the-top services deliverable through existing high-speed data pipes


  • Broadcom’s Low cost entry SD STB for India Cable markets with USB based recorder: Broadcom’s integrated system-on-a-chip (SoC) with integrated silicon tuner for new set top boxes (STB) provides an exceptional performance and reliable standard definition (SD) digitized services for India’s emerging cable market. Broadcom’s devices enable cost-efficient STBs that provide subscribers with hundreds of channels of digital content and new capabilities such as Digital Video Recording (DVR) onto USB drives, fast channel change acceleration and audio volume levelling as the Indian market migrates to digitized cable services.

Broadcom’s BCM7013 devices offer a field proven, high performance DVB-C cable tuner that exceeds the challenging RF and surge requirements for India’s cable networks.  Broadcom has shipped over 100MU of products with silicon tuners, a technology the company pioneered to replace less reliable legacy CAN tuners and to enable manufacturers to develop next-generation, cost-effective and power efficient STBs. By offering a combined hardware and software stack, the BCM7013 SoCs provide a turnkey solution at the right price to support operators transitioning from analog to digital services.

Key Features of the Broadcom BCM7013SoC: 

  • World’s most integrated standard definition cable SoC with silicon tuner reduces overall bill of materials
  • Supports highly cost-efficient set top boxes to enable India cable market operators to quickly migrate from analog to digital
  • Proven and reliable turnkey hardware/software solution provides
  • FastRTV channel change acceleration for faster than analog channel change times
  • Audio volume levelling for constant audio levels across channels and commercials
  • Complete SD cable interactive receiver and USB DVR SoC solution
  • Integrated silicon DVB-C cable tuner and QAM demodulator with exceptional performance and reliability for India’s cable networks
  • Advanced security engine certified by all major CAS providers offers a range of security options with one common platform
  • USB DVR for recording and pausing live DTV programming
  • Turnkey DVB-C application, guide and user interface for easy customizations and faster time to market 
  • Broadcom’s breakthrough Cable HD Set-Top Box solution – highly integrated multi tuner HD Hybrid PVR for India Cable markets. Broadcom’s low cost, high definition (HD) digital cable set-top box SoC (BCM7584) with integrated Full-Band Capture and IP video server technology provides entry-level HD and HD-DVR platforms for cable MSOs with features that facilitate internet video streaming capabilities to multiple video devices simultaneously. 

By integrating a complete single chip solution with a high-performance CPU, 3D graphics and Full-Band Capture technologies, the BCM7584 enables operators to provide cost effective and advanced video experiences to subscribers.  Broadcom’s STB SoC also provides state-of-the-art Conditional Access (CA) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) security, enabling the conversion of content from CA to an IP-DRM streaming content to protect the rights of content providers.

Broadcom’s innovative new CATV SoC technology digitizes the entire cable spectrum, delivering multi-screen user experiences in a cost-optimized HD cable mini-server platform. Operators can now effectively compete against IP and OTT service providers with a high-performance yet lower cost platform that combines the very latest industry technologies in an entry-level solution.

Key FeaturesKey Features of the Broadcom BCM7584 SoC:

  • Integrated Full-Band Capture technology enables IP video content streaming to multiple displays, enhancing services and reducing MSO costs per home
  • Cable to IP mini-server and transcoding technology enables low-cost DLNA streaming and IP video conferencing
  • 802.11AC Wi-Fi interface supporting industry leading Wi-Fi video and High-Speed data services
  • Breakthrough price point and high performance designed for India cable markets
  • Broadcom’s industry leading pin compatible entry level solution providing dramatically higher CPU performance
  • Integrates an advanced 3D graphics GPU for rich HTML5 applications and over the top (OTT) services
  • Four QAM demodulators BCM7584 supporting advanced multi-tuner experiences
  • Integrated advanced remote diagnostics reduce operator support costs
  • Modular DOCSIS 2.0 and C-DOCSIS support for cost-effective, modular two-way system compatibility:
    • Enables cable operators to offer broadband Internet access and video on demand services
    • Direct-RF DOCSIS modem interface enabling optional video platforms for VOD and internet services
    • Reference design kit with optional DOCSIS 2.0 cable modems

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