Broadcom Announces Singapore Court Hearing on April 2, 2018 to Approve Scheme of Arrangement for Redomiciliation

As previously announced, Broadcom Limited (“Broadcom-Singapore“) has obtained the shareholder approval required in connection with its proposed redomiciliation to the United States by the implementation of a statutory procedure known as a scheme of arrangement (the “Scheme of Arrangement“). The Scheme of Arrangement remains subject to approval by the High Court of the Republic of Singapore (the “Singapore Court“).

Broadcom-Singapore has made an application to the Singapore Court to approve the Scheme of Arrangement, as filed in O/S No. HC/OS 358/2018 in the Singapore Court, and the application has been directed to be heard before the Singapore Court on April 2, 2018 at 3:30 pm (Singapore Time), at 1 Supreme Court Lane, Singapore 178879. News Service

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